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7 Effective Tips to Delight Online Customers and Earn Loyalty

The world going digital is no longer new. Globally, eCommerce is swiftly growing in line with consumer needs. Tech savvy shoppers today desire sustainable brands, convenient payments, efficient delivery, live deals, and virtual try-on experiences that mimic real life samples.

Lazada Insider recently interviewed leaders in the eCommerce industry to identify the modern shopper’s buying habits. Here are 7 effective tips to delight your online customers with a memorable experience, which in turn nurtures loyalty:

The expert panel of vice presidents in the eCommerce industry clockwise: Evelyn Chua of Synagie Malaysia and Singapore. Patrick Cruz of Synagie Philippines, and Lisa Lee of Perfect Corp.

1. Build a Trendy and Sustainable Brand Image

Knowing the personalities and values of your target audience is ever important today. Consumers in the age of social media are inspired everyday by lifestyle and green efforts that matter. Evelyn Chua, VP of Synagie Malaysia and Singapore asserts that a brand should present a meaningful purpose as 44% of consumers shop with brands aligned with their values.

Pro tip: Aim for a sophisticated, trendy, yet sustainable and humane brand image. You can start simple with biodegradable packaging or recyclable wrapping.

2. We love convenient payments!

Ever feel frustrated when your card gets rejected online due to non-compatibility? Patrick Cruz, VP of Synagie Philippines highlights the multifarious variety of cashless payment options. To stay competitive, do ensure you offer the following: eWallets, the ability to directly link to online banking platforms, installment options, debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, and cash on delivery.

With the right partner, you can keep up with the latest electronic payment trends without arduous research. Lazada offers comprehensive payment options in a seamless, end-to-end, one-stop add to cart, checkout, and payment election system.

3. Impress customers with Virtual-Try On

When we think of customer experience, a sure fire way to keep them interested, engaged, and entertained is by designing a mobile friendly user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) that appeals to their senses and emotions.

People are no longer content with static images but look for lifelike digital experiences. Star Wars fans will remember the time where we were stoked to view a rotating 3D baby Yoda on Google. Exciting augmented reality (AR) beauty virtual try-ons are what Patrick quips as a game changer in the retail industry. Evelyn divulges the statistics of a shopper’s decision-making journey shortened by almost 70% with AR.

Even skincare and makeup brand Estée Lauder increased their conversion rate by a stunning 250% thanks to Perfect Corp’s beauty AR that truly enhances the consumer experience. Lisa Lee, VP of business development at Perfect Corp shares that the company’s great passion in beauty and digital innovation has assisted over 400 brands globally.

Pro Tip: Don’t know where to start in adopting virtual try-on? LazMall can be a powerful partner in bringing your makeup or skincare to life. Evelyn shares that Synagie in partnership with Lazada and Perfect Corp has launched the virtual-try on for Lazada’s makeup brands such as MAC and Bobbi Brown.

A woman virtually tries on different shades of MAC lipsticks with LazMall’s in-built beauty AR function.

4. Make Videos

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook – regardless of the platform, it is clear cut that videos on social media have shaped our buying habits. Patrick confidently states that video is the medium of choice right now for content. To remain relevant, make high quality videos that are brief yet informative.

Be sure to produce high quality content that highlights not only product beauty but also function and style. Include a human touch by acting in the video to present your product and getting someone within your target audience age group to model your item – if you sell apparel or accessories.

5. Provide 24/7 customer service

Patrick Cruz shines the spotlight on using chatbots and live chats to create the impression that your brand is there to support the customer 24/7. Proactive and responsive customer support retains the buyer’s interest and prevents potential sales from deviating to competitors.

Such support can be further enhanced through a FAQ section where your answers can help an endless number of buyers. Don’t forget cart abandonment reminders that effectively prompt consumers to checkout forgotten items.

6. Offer smooth delivery

6. Offer smooth delivery
Evelyn reveals that consumers today have much higher expectations on delivery speed and flexibility. Think of it this way: when you walk into a shopping mall, you expect to get everything you want – immediately. Similarly, online shoppers do desire to get their items as soon as possible.

If you are not a logistics expert and wish to own an eCommerce store, Lazada offers a dynamic in-house delivery system that is optimized for speed.

7. Get creative, build a community, and earn loyalty!

Success lies in the hands of those who aren’t afraid to be creative. Perhaps an interactive game on social media allowing people to win items, or beautiful graphics that tell your brand story. Next, build a community where both new and regular customers can feel comfortable and have a sense of identity. Customers can share their product reviews, personal experiences, creative tricks, and so on!

Patrick shares the statistics where a total of 37% of consumers now state that they shop more brands than they did a year ago. Thus, we really need to give customers a reason to be loyal.

Pro tip: Hosting livestream sessions are a great way to build a community where your customers can ask questions live and spur each other to purchase with real-time reviews. Learn more about LazLive here.

Delighting your customers in innovative and creative ways can appear challenging but the future holds exciting possibilities. Build a customer-centric brand and earn customer loyalty by delighting them today.

Head over to’s Lazada Insider page for more expert tips and tricks to navigate the world of commerce.