LazLive – Don’t miss out on the Livestream trend

A gorgeous influencer with a bubbly personality provides styling tips. [Source: Youtube]

Whether it’s gaming, cooking or just chit-chatting, livestreams have been the go-to way that many content creators have chosen to connect to their audience. This trend has found its way into eCommerce over the past five years and it’s a logical evolution, given how much audiences love the interaction between personalities and shopping as though they’re there with them. 

“Shoppertainment” as it’s called these days is an important mechanic to help with sales and engage your buyers. On Lazada, livestreaming it’s known as LazLive. Here are four tips to host a successful livestream on your e-commerce store:

Engage and interact with your customers in real-time

Done right, livestreaming serves as a powerful platform to make your brand more human, attractive, and likeable. This increases the following and loyalty of your e-commerce store. Think of livestreaming akin to in-store sales assistance. The person assisting your customer must look presentable, be lively, responsive to questions, and possess expertise in product knowledge.

Unlike pre-recorded shows, livestreams have a truly entertaining two-way communication format. Lazada has carefully curated trendy livestream features that you can learn to build here. For example, gala shows that occur on the eve or the day of sales celebrations i.e. 9.9 or 11.11. You need not crack your head or muster the confidence to speak. Rather, look for highly influential celebrities that can be engaged as hosts to focus on trending lifestyle items.

Close sales in an hour with livestream shopping!

A livestream that typically lasts for an hour promotes flash deals, discounts, and vouchers only available during the session. Viewers are prompted to purchase quickly due to the factors of limited time deals and scarcity in the number of vouchers available.

Lazada is the only eCommerce platform with three unique icons that customers can use to shop without exiting the livestream window. First is a colored shopping bag icon with products and promotions currently shared. Second is a plain shopping bag icon with your SKU. Third is a ticket icon where all your exclusive vouchers will appear. 

Pro tip: Be sure to pick a selection of your best selling products and offer them at a deal that is too good to miss.

Educate customers on how to use your products

An elegant woman clothed in earth hues and a statement necklace shows viewers how to style a long-sleeve white shirt on livestream.

Your buyers need to be inspired before they decide to purchase a “want” that serves to level up their lifestyle. Just imagine – when sharing with your friends why you like something, you probably gush and advocate its aesthetic features, quality, and functionality. Likewise, a livestream should have the same level of information. For example, if it’s a “back to school” or “summer styling” themed stream on fashion, focus on what makes the products work for the buyers. 

Pro tip: Encourage livestream viewers to tune in till the end by scattering your giveaways throughout a live session. This way, your audience gets a wholesome picture of your product benefits and are more likely to purchase. Don’t forget to inject an element of excitement with a game format. Viewers can actively comment and tag friends to win prizes, thus increasing engagement.

Build trust by exhibiting your product authenticity

Last but not least, maximize your livestream session by showing the following details of your products: 

  • Tilt your products in every angle, 360 degrees if possible. This flaunts the features and usage of your items.
  • Zoom in and zoom out to showcase the material and high quality of your products.
  • If you are selling clothing, bags, or shoes, be sure to pan your camera to the specific spots that state the brand or authenticity card.

It’s not just fashion and beauty sellers that can livestream their way to success, mind you. All it takes is dedication and a drive to engage with your consumers. konya escort

Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Loyalty Program

Ask any seasoned business owner and they’ll tell you that customer loyalty is an invaluable metric, especially when it comes to retail. The old saying that it costs five times more to acquire new customers than it does to retain current ones rings particularly true, especially if you’ve overseen marketing budgets.

Customers who continue to keep buying your products and services also allow you to keep a steady stream of revenue, as existing customers are 50% more likely to try a new product of yours.

In a recent podcast on Lazada Insider discussing customer loyalty, Tyler Tai, an Account Executive with Brandwatch, a social listening company, shared that “Most people think of loyalty as repeated purchases, but loyalty can also be non-profit driven engagements. Think of customer loyalty as an ongoing relationship between the customer and the brand.”

He added, “In today’s online space, it is not just how many times the customer orders or purchases something, but also how many times they browse your products, open your emails, and follow your account. All of that is important as it not only drives profits, but research has shown it is cheaper to keep a customer than engage or acquire a new one.”

Katrina Wang, Senior Manager for Lazada Group Strategy and the host of Lazada Insider, shared that customer loyalty has a very powerful impact on the business world in the online space. However, it has also become much easier for consumers in today’s market to access more information and purchase options. As a result, customer loyalty has also become increasingly fragile.

Think of customer loyalty as an ongoing relationship between the customer and the brand.

Tyler Tai, Brandwatch

A good way to work around this is implementing a loyalty program that can help you build a stronger customer base and grow your business faster than your sales and marketing teams.

So what drives consumers to be loyal?

In a nutshell, it’s experience. A customer has to have had a delightful and remarkable experience with a brand in order to go back to it over and over again.

In e-commerce, this means a brand or store has to deeply care about customer’s needs. One way a business can learn about what trends and needs customers have is through internal and external data. Getting both datasets can only be achieved by implementing the right systems and tools to measure loyalty metrics – essential for businesses to understand and determine what clients want as well as which perks and benefits will encourage them to keep coming back.

How does it work?

Loyalty programs can take a number of different forms, but they should first and foremost be easy to understand! Loyalty programs reward customers with some sort of advantage for joining the program and continuing to patronize the business. For instance, some may offer discounts, member-only offers or points that can be accumulated for free items. Others offer perks such as free shipping, priority scheduling, birthday gifts, services and other benefits that offer convenience but perhaps not discounts.

Benefits of a loyalty program for businesses:

  1. Reduce costs: The most obvious benefit. A loyalty program may have its own costs and investments but the likelihood of it being more expensive than having to attract new customers is low.
  2. Differentiation from competitors: When you provide customers with benefits with their purchase, you are building loyalty because you are differentiated from other brands. At a time when consumers have endless information and options available to them, it is crucial to build relationships to stay ahead of the game. This creates engaged customers that may find value in spending more than they normally would otherwise.
  3. Reputation: Customers convert and spend more time and money with the brands to which they are loyal. They also become brand advocates, by telling their friends, family and colleagues about the brands they love. Through simple word-of-mouth, this drives referral traffic and improves your reputation.

At a time when consumers have endless information and options available to them, it is crucial to build relationships to stay ahead of the game.

There are many ways to start a loyalty program but they don’t have to be complicated. Offering returning customers just a little incentive is a good start and can be further built on as the business grows. antalya escort

For a deeper in-depth discussion on customer loyalty, check out Lazada Insider’s podcast.