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eCommerce is the Way for Business Survival and Growth: Laz It Up 2.0

Innovation is the key to business survival as Seen Chia Toong attests.

One third of three brothers who run CT Hardware, Chia Toong accepted the invitation to join Lazada’s e-commerce platform in 2013, optimistic that it would be the best time to innovate and change. His family’s business had been around close to 40 years at that point and they needed to ride the e-commerce wave that was growing.

That decision proved worthwhile, just three years later.

From a brick and mortar store run by just the three brothers, they eventually grew to a team of 10 staff, even needing to acquire a bigger warehouse. The proof is in the reviews: CT Hardware is now a seller with a 95% Positive Seller Rating.

Chia Toong shared three business benefits that CT Hardware enjoys as a Lazada Seller that allowed his family’s business to grow.

The three brothers spearheading CT Hardware, a 40-year-old family machinery tools business rich in tradition and history.

Everywhere all at once

Placing your products and services on Lazada can help you cast a bigger net to gain a higher volume of loyal customers. In a country like Malaysia that is large enough and has quite a lot of area to cover, physical stores are limited to people who are interested in ordering for themselves or others within your area or state.

Hurdles can also arise in rainy weather or when customers can’t afford to stay too long. When it comes to products like hardware, Chia Toong’s online store is beneficial as it allows customers who might need to replace a product but not urgently. Because there’s no need to rush out to get it, they can place an order online and have it conveniently delivered to their homes.

With Lazada and e-commerce market platforms, you get to break down boundaries set by weather and locality. Lazada’s status as one of the largest marketplace platforms in the region and cleverly optimized in-app search functions can attract millions of interested buyers in other states to check out your offerings.

Building resilience for your business

Whether your business is a brilliant start-up with a bright future ahead, or a family business with a legacy to honor, innovation is key to survival. Chia Toong shared that going online laid a strong foundation for the future for CT Hardware because it allowed them to capitalise on otherwise unavailable business options such as third party logistics or in-app chats with customers.

Chia Toong shares that Lazada equipped him with knowledge and expertise in tackling challenges caused by the lockdown. Shipping delays or missing parcels were quickly remedied by Lazada’s shipping extensions and bonus programs, helping CT Hardware retain its customers. Other platform tools like chat bots allow sellers to stay connected to buyers, something not as easily done in purely offline formats.

Customers may be flocking back to real life stores but having an online presence is making the best of both worlds. You can even draw more foot traffic by adding a Store Pickup function in your Lazada store – customers can opt to pay in the Lazada App and then collect at your storefront, increasing the chance of them buying more when they arrive.

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Education means growing

Another great part about being an e-commerce seller, especially on Lazada, is the strong community of Lazada University trainers, who are actually fellow trainers that have gone through lessons and a well-thought out pedagogy and are now imparting their knowledge to other sellers. These experts will guide you throughout your online selling journey for free.

In fact, Lazada University does not limit businesses to just one account. All courses are free for sellers and their staff.

Learn more about what Lazada University can offer here.