7 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset as an Entrepreneur

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Being your own boss isn’t easy. There is much to juggle and most entrepreneurs tend to focus the bulk of their energy on developing their business plans and making profits. But when you focus all your energy on long term goals for the business, it’s easy to forget about something just as important – developing a personal plan for yourself.

Successful entrepreneurs know that self-development and self-improvement can bring further success to the future of your business. When you follow a path of self-improvement, it can help you to build new skills and improve old ones. When you cultivate healthy personal habits like incorporating regular exercise and practicing mindfulness, or healthy work habits like time management or continuing education, your business grows in measurable ways.

There are a number of things you can do regularly to make self-improvement a part of your everyday life and develop a “growth mindset”. Here are some steps to try on your journey of personal development, that will ultimately also be beneficial for your business:

Set your goals

Start by brainstorming and writing down any goals or values you have for myself. If you’re new to setting up goals for personal growth, start with your biggest pain point and decide how you will approach it. Are you getting enough rest or sleep? Are you eating healthy or constantly on the go? Define your area of growth and know your ‘why’. Include checkpoints to allow you to track your progress. Remember, this is about setting goals as an individual to better enhance your life, not profit margins or conversion rates.

Prioritize time management

Time is your most valuable asset. There’s always going to be things that need to be done in your business, but learning to focus your time and energy on the right ones is a vital skill. Start by prioritizing the main goals. What are the key things you need to do to keep your business moving forward? Once you’ve got that covered, add in the smaller, less important things that still need to be done but aren’t absolute necessities. Finally, learn how to delegate or say no to all the extras that end up on your to-do list.

Stay healthy

The saying ‘health is wealth’ did not come from nowhere. Make your health a priority with nutritious food and regular exercise. Physical health has trickle-down effects, impacting other areas when you don’t look after it. Stay active by exercising and stretching especially if you’re at a desk or laptop most of the day. Also don’t forget to get the right amount of sleep, so your body has a chance to heal itself, especially during stressful periods.

Practice stress management techniques

You need quiet time to relax and recharge. Discover what helps you relax and make time for that. Whether it is going to the gym, going on a relaxing nature walk, meditating, spending time with your family or reading a book, allow yourself time to enjoy these activities. Giving yourself time to relax helps you remain calm and better prepares you for de-escalating stressful situations.

Build your support system

Surround yourself with people who motivate and inspire you to be the best version of yourself. This strengthened network becomes a support system that can lift you up and support you in forming good habits. Find out their self-improvement strategies and emulate them. You can also work with a business coach or results coach, depending on your goals. Be around like-minded people who prioritize self-development and you will soon improve and grow.

Learn to communicate

As an entrepreneur, communicating with various kinds of people is part of the job description. When you work on your communication skills, you’ll find it easier for you to do things like selling your product and dealing with customers. Improving your listening skills is also part of communication. When you listen to others, whether they are mentors, customers or employees, you’ll increase your knowledge and improve your business.

Learn continuously

Being an entrepreneur means constantly learning new skills relevant to your industry. One way to do so is by regularly taking new courses so that you are up-to-date with new techniques and technology. When it comes to eCommerce, you can take courses on business strategy, marketing, sales tactics, etc. or even focus on something creative such as photography to take better product photos.

Personal development is a journey, not a destination. Try incorporating some of these ideas into your self improvement strategy this year. The more you invest in yourself and your personal growth, the more you’ll have to offer your business.

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