How an eCommerce blog can help to grow your business

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Since their inception, blogs have been a valuable and trusted marketing strategy for stores, and even more so now for eCommerce. A well-crafted blog serves as a great low-cost strategy to drive traffic to your store through search engine results pages and can help promote products, establish trust amongst your customers and increase loyalty to your brand.

Publishing a blog also helps create content for social media. Your customers can share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media platforms, which further increase visibility for your business. It efficiently introduces your store to new consumers and keeps your online presence strong.

There is no doubt that blogging is important in a store’s growth and visibility online. Here are some ideas to help you get started with eCommerce blogging:

Create an article on your how business started

Customers are always interested in knowing how you got started and why you launched your store. What led you to start this business? What are your visions and missions? What challenges did you face, if any? Include photos to make it more personal, as an introduction to your brand and the people behind it.

A blog post on how your business started is a sincere way of introducing yourself to customers as well as adding a human element to your store and creating an honest and long-lasting connection with your customers.

Feature a product

Posts highlighting a product in your store such as new products, staff picks, personal favorites, or recommendations can be a great way to highlight and promote certain products. You could write an article to tell your customers about a new product, a best-selling product, or a little-known product that you want to bring more awareness to and more. This type of content helps your customers make informed decisions about products they may want to buy.

How-to guides

Show your customers your product and explain in detail how to use them. Make it simple yet complete with information. Include its background, benefits, as well as a detailed tutorial on how to use it, and consider including reviews from existing users. No matter which industry you’re in, you will have something you can teach your customers surrounding your products, whether it is how to style a clothing item, how to use a gadget, recipe ideas for a food item, or even a simple maintenance guide to keep a product lasting longer.

Gift guides

Like how-to guides, gift guides feature your products in a creative way as it becomes a tool to help your customers. Gift guides can be created all year for any event or holiday. People love getting new ideas and inspiration, and gift guides are a great way to show customers how your products would make a perfect gift, especially when you include a variety of products at different prices from your store. They are also a useful content type as they will be picked up in the organic search results for people searching for gift ideas, and are highly shareable.

Business news and updates

Keep your customers updated on the latest news about your company. Is something new and exciting happening? Are you launching a new product? Update their curiosity through blogging and posting recent trends. For example, if you’re in the fashion industry and attend trade shows or other industry events you might be able to spot trends ahead of time, and be able to bring new information to your customers first.

Linking news articles in your blogs is also a good idea. You can add your comment or opinion on the news and ask your buyers for their feedback to increase engagement.

Interesting profiles/interviews

Getting an expert to share information and their opinion through an interview on your blog is not only entertaining content for your customers but also extremely useful. When you profile celebrities, industry leaders or influencers associated with your product or brand, it will make your product relatable and can increase your sales. Include their biography, fun facts, as well as when they started using the product and their thoughts about it.

Customer testimonials and questions

One of the best ways to connect with prospects is by featuring testimonials or answering questions from existing customers. Blog posts featuring testimonials from your customers can be incredibly effective for your business, tipping that wavering prospect into a paying customer. It can also answer questions that other customers may have on your products and services. These types of posts not only help to solve common customer problems, they can also boost your search rankings, as the questions in the title often match search engine queries from your target audience.

Relevant listicles

People love content that they can scan and read easily, such as this one! Listicles are the go-to for customers who want information in a quick, easy-to-digest format. When it comes to listicles, the topics are unlimited and it can help to promote any of your items. Aside from items, you can also post listicles about the top features of your products and rank them based on aspects like user-friendly, reliability, and value for money.

Content creation is the cornerstone of many SEO strategies and important for engaging customers with your brand and increasing your visibility. Consistently posting valuable eCommerce blogs and content in your store sets you apart from other online shops. It establishes your website as the authority for information, and will ultimately set your store as a trusted leader in whichever industry you’re in.

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