Improve Seller Efficiency Through An eCommerce Mobile Platform

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We simply cannot live without our phones today! This is true for everyone, consumers and businesses alike. From the blaring iOS or Android alarms in the morning to checking MetaWallet or playing games at night, we access various mobile Apps on a daily basis. Think online banking, making omnichannel payments, planning vacations, snapping photographs, and even hunting for reliable businesses offering specific goods and services.

For businesses, mobile eCommerce (mCommerce) platforms such as Lazada have revolutionized electronic commercial transactions for sellers with free sign ups, fast go-to-market time, and effective payment systems with sonic speed. Sellers today can meet buyers where they are at with a synchronized user interface (UI) on both sides.

Let’s take a look at how an eCommerce mobile platform can improve your business efficiency as a seller:

1. Flexibility

The flexibility of managing one’s business from anywhere, at any time is especially important for smaller businesses without an organization of workers to see to things everyday.

mCommerce that runs on handheld smartphones or tablets gives sellers the opportunity to eradicate issues and innovate creative solutions 24/7. Sellers gain the perk of checking orders, managing operations, and responding to customer inquiries on-the-go.

Additionally, an unexpected emergency requiring traveling is less likely to affect a mobile-centric seller control panel as opposed to a PC-based dashboard.

2. Easy to use

One typically pictures a geeky web developer with a coding superpower in when one visualizes an online store setup. This is no longer necessary as mCommerce offers a simple and intuitive user interface (UI).

Sellers today can fast track in DIY online store setup without complex technical knowledge, effectively saving time and resources.

One just needs to sign up, input one’s business warehouse address, and follow hands-on guidelines to instantly upload product SKUs into a ready format. Think of it as free entry into a “shop window” within a virtual B2C marketplace with high viewer traffic on a daily basis.

3. Speed

Sonic speed and the ability to keep up with the market is what positions an eCommerce seller for success. Business is technically run 24/7 and you can be productive even on your lunch break with the optimum speed performance of an mCommerce platform. Mobile Apps pages load quicker compared to websites.

Most importantly, you get to meet the customer where and when they are shopping. Globally, 58.4% of internet users make a weekly online purchase with a majority checking out through a mobile device!

  • The “where” – Instantly check on any checkout issues or item enquiries from the mobile view that your customers see.
  • The “when” – Attend to your customers during off hours when they love to leisurely browse products online. This can significantly reduce your store’s shopping cart abandonment rate. In fact, a study shows that 83% of eCommerce shoppers want help while online with over 51% confirming a likelier purchase with live chat customer support!

4. Social Media Integration

Social media is an inescapable aspect of discovering new products and services today and mCommerce is its perfect companion.

mCommerce centralizes end-to-end business functions in a single, portable device. A smartphone comes with email, payment networks, GPS, camera, photo editing Apps, e-signature Apps, and easy access to multiple social media platforms.

Access to multiple channels from your fingertips gives you the benefit of leading social media enquiries directly to your mobile eCommerce store.

Here’s an example:

  • You build brand awareness and engagement by creating an Instagram Ad with a link to your eCommerce store.
  • You or your team responds to a DM enquiry instantly.
  • When a lead shows genuine interest in a product, you quickly hook and maintain interest by sending the eCommerce product page link. This removes friction points and boosts convenience for your potential customer.
  • Show an active status on both your eCommerce account and social media account to further assist the now customer in chat.

5. Real-Time Data

Data is what enables business owners to make informed decisions, improve profit margin, and cut down losses. Real-time data in an all-in-one Seller Center drives efficiency by empowering you to:

  • Keep track of all your orders and analyze valuable sales metrics such as Revenue, Traffic to Products, Units Sold, Pageviews, and Conversion Rate.
  • Gain insights about your listings of products, prices, and promotions.

6. Automated receipt of payments

Visualize the last time you purchased an item off a mobile eCommerce App. Smooth, fuss-free, and a variety of payments make checking out a breeze. You even get to choose your preferred delivery service!

Similarly, from a seller position, mCommerce automates your receipt of payments. You need not personally set up a payment gateway or send customers a bank account number to receive payments. Just upload products in the mCommerce Seller Center dashboard then automatically receive payment for customer orders once they confirm receipt of delivery.

7. Cost-effective

There is no need for an expensive laptop to run an online business thanks to the neat format of an mCommerce Seller App. In essence, the App does not take up much storage space.

On top of that, you won’t need to spend on cables to transfer pictures from your phone to a laptop. Storage on mobile devices can also be purchased at an affordable rate or optimized using Cloud services such as Dropbox or Google drive.

In short, managing an online store can be tough. But selling on the Lazada Seller App makes it easy. Simply list your products, manage orders, and chat with customers – all at your fingertips!

In short, managing an online store can be tough. But selling on the Lazada Seller App makes it easy. Simply list your products, manage orders, and chat with customers – all at your fingertips!

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