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featuring Oh from Tee Phone, Thailand

Oh started selling smartphones and gadgets in his small shop in 2014. When he learned about Lazada, he was confident Lazada could help him grow into a big shop one day.

So, he took advantage of the free, high-quality online courses — which are taught by e-commerce experts — to learn better sales and customer service techniques.

Now, Tee Phone is one of the most successful e-commerce on Lazada and has opened a new shop that is bigger and nicer. If he can, you can!

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Tee Phone shop

Success on Lazada

2022 Tee Phone Shop New Branch

“Be patient and keep your determination. focus on goals Learn and don't be afraid to try new things. Opportunity will come to you If you don't forget your dreams!”

We never expected that one day that our little electronics store can grow this much. It has become one of the successful online ecommerce stores on Lazada.

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