Naeti Thammapanont

A LazStar is like a hero who can bring about solutions. They can show you how to start selling on Lazada, how to boost sales and even on how to use tools in Lazada, find trending products to match the need of the market, how to develop your staff for your store, manage customers, handle government regulations in terms of tax or product registrations, and even receiving government subsidies.

In my opinion, the LazStar project is like a map and a light source that can provide knowledge to both new and existing sellers that are facing issues, and guide them in the right direction. LazStar can also help sellers spot issues they didn’t even know of, and resolve them before they happen. As a LazStar, I can also share some ideas with other sellers that I can also apply to my own business on Lazada.

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Jade Sopitviriyaporn

I came to understand LazStar as a program for sellers who are able to share their knowledge and experience from sales with other sellers to help them with their problems that they too had experienced before. Apart from sharing, as a LazStar, we too can receive new knowledge. By receiving feedback from the audience from our training, we can grow and better develop ourselves and adapt to the business environment.

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Chayopat Fungladda

My intent in becoming a LazStar is to give advice to new sellers so that they can improve on their sales skills, which would result in more sales and revenue that would then help them take better care of their families. Since I received this opportunity from other sellers in the Lazada community, I too want to pass on my knowledge and experience to other sellers. Additionally, this has created a happy community among sellers, in almost the same way that we often hear Lazada University’s saying, which is “Thank you and Happy Selling”.

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Jantakorn Boonlertkul

The LazStar project has given me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with other sellers, and also help them to increase the sustainability of their sales.

Being a LazStar allowed me to learn about different tool features and better sales techniques. With the training, I can also review what I’ve learned and apply that knowledge to my business for better sales.

I want to have more channels to attain knowledge and easier access to platforms such as YouTube and TikTok among others. I would also like to have sessions that allow me to exchange what I’ve learned between LazStar across six ventures, so that I can also bring newer knowledge when I am training my classes.

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Tanik Chawitsitra

The LazStar project means a lot to me because I can simultaneously review and update my knowledge. As I train, I also have to carefully test and review my insights before passing it on to the audience, since we are acting as Lazada University ambassadors. Therefore, the information we provide to the sellers must be accurate and reliable because they look to us as coaches who can help them make the best decisions.

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