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Chayopat Fungladda

My intent in becoming a LazStar is to give advice to new sellers so that they can improve on their sales skills, which would result in more sales and revenue that would then help them take better care of their families. Since I received this opportunity from other sellers in the Lazada community, I too want to pass on my knowledge and experience to other sellers. Additionally, this has created a happy community among sellers, in almost the same way that we often hear Lazada University’s saying, which is “Thank you and Happy Selling”.

Even though a LazStar shares their knowledge and experiences, we still get something in return. We are able to receive feedback from many sellers and understand how to make improvements in our points before we have our next training session. We can also see these good business practices that are interesting that we can suggest to others and also apply to our own stores. What is most important is that we also get motivation and gratitude from other sellers who benefit from the LazStar sessions, and are able to take that knowledge and improve and grow their business.

This is now the second LazStar project that has been run in Thailand, and Lazada University has made significant efforts to try and help Thai sellers to gain success from the training with experienced sellers. I’m confident that the audience will get the full benefit from many training sessions over the year as there are many topics to learn. Even now, we LazStars feel pride in being trainers who are able to give and receive good feedback from sellers. This is the main value of the LazStar project, which has helped and supported many sellers, to grow the seller community.