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Jade Sopitviriyaporn

I came to understand LazStar as a program for sellers who are able to share their knowledge and experience from sales with other sellers to help them with their problems that they too had experienced before. Apart from sharing, as a LazStar, we too can receive new knowledge. By receiving feedback from the audience from our training, we can grow and better develop ourselves and adapt to the business environment.

As we share our experiences via livestream, it benefits both trainers and the audience, because as a trainer, we have to prepare our slides and do our homework by reviewing and learning new things before we can share it with our audience. This allows us to have a clearer and deeper picture of our insights and what we can improve upon before passing that information on to the audience. This process helps us see our errors, which can help us improve our own stores! If we are only looking at things from a seller’s point of view, we might miss out on important steps, which could disadvantage us in the future.

The LazStar project’s strong point is that it selects sellers that have a lot of experience and strong sales as its LazStars to share their real-life experiences. The process to become selected as a LazStar is not easy, I had to pass many steps before I was chosen. Nonetheless, I got a lot of support from the Lazada team and Lazada University. Be it training to improve our knowledge, LazStar training performances, group discussions among LazStars, and even connecting with other sellers to improve the growth and sustainability of the community, all of these are the strengths and charms of the LazStar program.