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This is a true story of how Lazada changed my life.

Back in 2015, I just gave birth to my 3rd child and was facing financial difficulties in my business.

When many newer and bigger chain shops opened near my small retail shop in my neighbourhood, my sales dropped badly. I could barely afford to pay rent & suppliers and was stuck with many stocks that are not moving. I was thinking, how could I afford to raise 3 kids and survive this?

In my despair, I googled and found Lazada. I joined Lazada as a Health & Beauty category seller and I uploaded my products to sell there. Prior to this, I only knew how to be a cashier. It was a very difficult journey for me as I did not know anything about e-commerce, the Lazada system, taking photos, or digital marketing etc.

I confess, there were many times I was so frustrated that I wanted to give up, as everything seemed so hard. I remember once I cried when I received my first bad review for an item that I did not wrap properly and was damaged when it reached the customer. Instead of quitting, I devised a better way to pack my orders safely, and I have hardly had any bad reviews since.

I pushed myself to try harder, I joined many Lazada classes, learnt from trial and error, and joined the Lazada University Facebook community. 

I realised that the secret to e-commerce sales is to get more traffic and conversion to my products. I uploaded more and more products on Lazada to sell. I also expanded my products into other categories like Groceries and Mom & Baby. I joined all the campaigns I could, gave monthly vouchers and free shipping offers to my customers. Whenever Lazada launched a new feature, I took time to learn, understand, and use it to improve my sales. 

Soon, my sales picked up month by month and then, year by year. 

I was surprised to be awarded the Lazada Top Performer Award for 2018 and 2019. Shortly after, the COVID-19 pandemic started, and the economy took a hit. I am blessed in that I had already started my e-commerce journey before the lockdown and was not affected. Instead, my business flourished even more! 

I have always been a very shy person. I would have never imagined myself training thousands of people nationwide. However, in November 2020, I was shocked to be chosen as a Lazada Certified Trainer. I am proud to share all my e-commerce knowledge with all the Lazada Sellers. Now, you can always see me presenting in Lazada University and giving encouragement in the Lazada University Facebook group. 

Today, my Big Care Mart store has 101k followers. From a small struggling shop and a mom in despair, I became a confident and successful e-commerce entrepreneur, thanks to Lazada. I am proud to tell the world:“I am a Lazada Seller!”

My advice to all sellers is to never give up if you have not tried hard enough. Try, and try again and you will achieve your success!