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Tanik Chawitsitra

The LazStar project means a lot to me because I can simultaneously review and update my knowledge. As I train, I also have to carefully test and review my insights before passing it on to the audience, since we are acting as Lazada University ambassadors. Therefore, the information we provide to the sellers must be accurate and reliable because they look to us as coaches who can help them make the best decisions.

Being in the LazStar project helps my business grow because we have to use every tool we have in our own learning experience in our training sessions. This training also helps me learn more and when we know more, we can apply it to our businesses too.

LazStar is a very good project that gives opportunities to experienced sellers to become certified trainers for Lazada. We can also share the knowledge we have to new sellers so that they can start their online businesses in the right way. Even if they are not learning from me, they will be able to learn from other LazStars who can help them get ideas and new knowledge to help them build their business.