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Level Up your Business with Lazada Tools: Laz It Up 2.0

eCommerce is the future of retail and Godwin Goh, a Lazada Seller Ambassador is testament to it. Godwin brought Goh Sin Huat Electrical Pte Ltd, his 61-year-old family business selling electrical appliances to the next level by joining Lazada in 2016.

Initially hesitant, all doubts faded when the results were in: A 50% increase in sales, year on year! Here are some Lazada Seller Tools that Godwin uses to boost his sales exponentially.


Goh Sin Huat’s engaging store on Lazada with the coveted Preferred status.

Godwin attests that Lazada Storebuilder is the most effective tool to stand out from your competitors. You get to personally strategize, customize, and design your store page with:

  • Existing templates with drag and drop modules. 
  • Personalized Product Listing decorations and Product Descriptions.
  • Seamless branding by placing company logos on product listings.

Pro tip: Build your store in a way that showcases an overview of Brands, Item Type, and Price Range. Always upload high-quality pictures with vivid colors to entice customers.


Lazada Seller Vouchers

Godwin’s Lazada Store fully utilizes the Seller Vouchers feature by placing easy-to-click buttons along his virtual storefront. Godwin positions Voucher buttons with catchy titles such as Collect Voucher Here, Apply Coupon!, and at the very top of his stunning store: Follow Us to Get Exclusive Follower Vouchers.

Vouchers not only create an element of excitement but serve to make the customer feel special. You want the consumer to think: “I am a loyal customer, hence I have value-added benefits and access to all these exclusive deals.” adana escort


Free Shipping Promo

Free shipping is one of Lazada’s top Seller Tools to skyrocket your sales level. For Godwin, being in control of his own fleet is advantageous and has obviously worked well for him. Goh Sin Huat actually boasts a 100% score for on-time shipping. 

Free Shipping also can help you in these ways: 

  • Persuading the buyer to add more items to cart. 
  • Increasing the prices of your items to absorb the free shipping fee, balancing out your costs.


Hybrid Retail and Lazada Bundle Deals

These days, it’s not uncommon to shop both online and offline. There is a buzzing trend of hybrid or omnichannel retail post-lockdown. 2021 year-end statistics showcase an increase in visits to physical retail outlets coupled with Lazada’s online shopping festival success

  • Offline to Online Marketing
    Godwin has utilized this unique tool where his walk-in customers can scan stickers with codes that are attached nearby his electrical appliances and make a purchase via Lazada.This way, real-life buyers get to benefit from Lazada Promotions that use Bundle Deal Strategies to drive sales. These can be the classic Buy 1 Get 1 Free and Buy 3 get 40% or a limited time Flexi Combo to create a sense of urgency.
  • Online to Offline Marketing
    Alternatively, you may insert a store pick-up option upon checkout. This encourages people to visit your physical store and ideally, shop more when they arrive. This also gives you the opportunity to show the face behind the brand.

Godwin stands tall and proud at his 61-year-old family business’ shopfront.

Watch Godwin share about his eCommerce journey here.

Don’t miss out on the eCommerce market and Level Up your business today by signing up with Lazada here.