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Lazada has helped my shop to be able to serve and helps Indonesian mothers, located all over Indonesia."

Lazada has helped my shop to be able to serve and helps Indonesian mothers, located all over Indonesia, even in the most remote areas, thanks to Lazada to give us options for various payment methods and cheaper postage for large-sized products. Lazada also has many features that make it easy for us to implement store strategies.

As City Leaders, my team and I have helped many sellers from various circles, especially in the city of Bandung, to develop their businesses, to get a better understanding of business analysis, etc, It hits me different to see other sellers succeed with their business and able to support their families, even to buy motorbikes, cars, and house!

City Leader also made me learn a lot with the training provided to develop my store and friends in Bandung, for example at City Leader Academy and monthly calls. I have also visited Alibaba and learned from the experts. As a City Leader, I can also meet and learn from other city leaders from other cities.

By becoming a City Leader, I can channel my passion for teaching. I often open classes (LazClass and Laz Hangout) in Bandung. I also know what sellers in Bandung need and have the opportunity to choose a theme and can even invite top sellers, Lazada insiders, and Lazada partners to make sellers in the city of Bandung grow.

I am very happy, become a City Leader is given me the freedom to channel the aspirations of sellers in this city and can talk to the management of the C-Level team at Lazada. As City Leader, I often provide input for Lazada’s development from Bandung seller’s aspirations. Among other things, a better financial reporting system, a PSC system that has been embedded in the seller center (not limited via email), and more interesting Lorikeet content. One thing that I believe is quite phenomenal, is the elimination of the multi-source system, and sellers are given more freedom to manage their stores on Lazada, such as sellers having their own landing page and store decor, and so on.

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