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Mayette Jequinto


"The number one requirement is having quality products”

When I was first starting out, I was a one-woman team working from my home. It was hard for buyers to trust online sellers during that time. Many potential buyers thought I was a scammer though I persevered and my business grew from retailing and later, branched out to wholesaling. We started manufacturing clothes instead of buying them from suppliers.

Before Lazada, you could say I am an ecommerce veteran. First, I sold clothing on Multiply, now a defunct social media website. I then migrated over to before making my way to Lazada. Today, my store, the Plus Size Boutique, remains one of the top selling Lazada fashion for two consecutive years.

Although we have experience with several platforms, Lazada delivers the highest traffic. In my first 11.11 experience, we received so many orders in a short span of time. The major campaign brought in 1.3 million php for my store, my team had to work overtime for a week straight just to fulfill 8,000 orders.

I have many plans for the future. I hope to one day have a warehouse, dedicated solely for Lazada. Customers tend to gravitate towards stores with better visuals. Back then, I used to post photos of clothes on mannequins. Now, having models is a requirement. Of course, the number one requirement is having quality products because no matter how appealing your store may seem, customers will keep coming back if your products are top quality.

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