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26-Year-Old Gets Rich Selling Men’s Underwear to Overseas Customers

Apparently, there is a real demand for male underwear and this seller is milking it for all it’s worth!

Not long ago, selling sexy underwear may have been considered a taboo thing to do, especially when being held to Asian sensibilities. Now, there’s less of a stigma with online stores like Lazada paving the way. Times have changed and it is becoming more acceptable to sell underwear openly online.

Take this for example: a 26 year-old man from China is making more than $60,000 USD per month selling male underwear on Lazada. Cai Qiangze has made underwear shopping a trend this side of the equator by manufacturing his underwear at his hometown of Guangdong Province to customers in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries.

So who is Cai Qiangze and what is his story? Let’s examine his story.

Born at Shantou in 1995 to an ordinary family, Cai did fairly well in school though he was active in extracurricular activities. Cai didn’t work hard enough in university and naturally missed out on many prime job opportunities after graduation. Thankfully, he attended enough student club activities in college and was a popular student. He eventually opened a bar with some friends after university. Although the bar eventually went broke, these experiences sowed the seed of entrepreneurship in him.

After quitting his job, Cai found out through a buddy that ran an e-commerce business on the side and decided to go ahead and start his own business, selling male underwear and partnered with factories to produce the stock. Later, it proved to be a wise move as sales were selling like hot cakes.

Cai realized that underwear design and manufacturing do not have a high margin to enter, so he would collect data on hot-selling underwear and consumer preferences from other international e-commerce platforms and refer them to Lazada’s recommendations on product selection. He would communicate his ideas to the factory whose product selection team would purchase trending products as a reference for product development and boom! 

Hot cakes…or in his case, hot underwear!

“We found out that thongs are a favoured style of underwear in the European and U.S. markets. While in Southeast Asia, men remain relatively conservative and prefer briefs though, I do have to mention that side-tie thongs are popular in Thailand.”

There were also many positive reviews left by customers of Cai’s store, saying how much they “loved these sexy pants” and couldn’t get enough of his underwear — the ones he sells, not his personal ones!

“It’s not just the gays but straight men also favour thongs now too,” he said with a wink in his eye.

Every day when others get off work, Cai stays in the office alone making plans for the next day. There was a time he even planned a work schedule of 20 hours, starting from 6 o’clock in the morning. Cai started motivating himself by taking online courses, reading all kinds of management books on leadership and admits with sheer honesty that even if he does not have a total grip on the business yet, he is making progress.

Lazada also established a support system for promising merchants and Cai was excited to be a part of that community! They work together to service team operations and overcome their operational difficulties by sharing their experience at regularly held meetings. Cai has made many like-minded friends in the community where they learn from each other and make common progress.

So, it begs the question: is it rough starting up an underwear business?

“Of course it is! I would be lying if I said no. When I started my business, I didn’t have a moment to spare. Even though I was a self-made boss, I had to work through the nights on a sale. At the beginning, I had to model the underwear myself! It was mortifying. Thank God we have models for that now!” laughed Cai.