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Dương Trọng Tín – Be Your Own Boss

Dương Trọng Tín has been in the business of selling since he was 18 years old. Starting an eCommerce business to sell his products appealed to him due to the ease in reaching customers and the low cost to start the business in the beginning. Here’s his story.
Name: Dương Trọng Tín
Age: 24
Name of store: MOSACO
Category: Hardware + Protective Gear
Joined Lazada in:10/2021

How old were you when you joined Lazada as a seller and what made you want to become one?

I’ve been in sales since I was 18 years old. Many people think that being a good salesperson is extremely difficult. My friends say that they will never be a salesperson because they think they will not be able to do it without any experience, and it gives them a lot of pressure. However, those who are proficient in the profession say that becoming a good salesperson is not difficult if you are really passionate and devoted to it.

Have you ever had experience selling before going online to do it? If you came from brick and mortar, what surprised you the most about selling online?

I have had some business experience before selling online. What surprised me about selling online is that it does not cost too much to begin an online store in the beginning. You only need to invest in products and a sales website. The cost for management is low and there is no cost needed for space or equipment for running a store, yet you can bring products to consumers quickly.

For customers, being able to shop online means they can have a variety of choices when choosing products from different businesses, and are also able to make comparisons with other stores. They do not need to spend time and effort to find or buy products and can make purchases on their own time, without having to pay attention to the opening and closing hours of a store. Customers can select products from the comfort of their own home, order whenever they want and also have a variety of payment methods available to them. This is great for both customers and businesses.

Did you leave a job to open your own business? If yes, what motivated you to take that step?

I thought a lot before leaving my old job to pursue this job, as it was a job I cherished. I know that starting a business means facing all sorts of challenges and possibly setbacks, which was certainly a concern. But this was also my dream, and we all have to start somewhere. I firmly believe that with my passion, enthusiasm, sense of responsibility and experience, I can achieve success on this path.

What made you decide to sell in your current category?

I researched, consulted the market and competitors for a long time before deciding which category to choose. Family and health have always been important to me, so I naturally focused on these categories. My father was a laborer before, so I saw and understood how difficult and harsh that environment could be and how it affects the health of workers. This led me to think about protective gear when I started the business.

My mother, too, often struggled in the kitchen. While helping her, I realized that my mother, and many women in general, enjoy shopping for household appliances to help with their work in the kitchen. I decided to add this category to my business as well, which is also selling very well in the market.

What is the most fulfilling part of being an eCommerce seller now?

In an increasingly busy society, time is very precious, and eCommerce helps to solve the needs of customers in a timely manner. Instead of having to go to the store to buy products that take a lot of time, you just need to click on what you want, and it will be delivered to you. The thing that I am most satisfied with when selling on Lazada is that the products for sale on Lazada are guaranteed to be of good quality. Sellers who want to do business on Lazada must present documents to prove that this is a reputable business, and this is something I appreciate and believe many customers do too.

What are some of the most challenging parts of being your own boss?

I realised that being an online seller is different from working as an employee. There are no organizational layers, with several steps of discussion. Currently I have the freedom to express myself in creating the products that I want to sell based on my customers’ needs. Without the difficulty of communicating through many layers of an organization, I am able to create and express what he wants. However, what gets tricky is when I have to make decisions. Since I am the boss of my own business, all the responsibility is on me, including the risk of failure.

Do you have advice for anyone who might want to be their own boss? 

My advice is not to listen when others tell you “Do not be afraid!” to start your own business. You can be afraid when starting something new, and still walk the path to success. This is because fear is a part of being human, and I believe it is an important factor that helps us survive and can also motivate us to grow.

What are your three top tips for anyone who wants to succeed in selling online?

The three most important aspects for me when selling online are – People, Product, and Mindset. Have these things in order when you’re starting your online business and you’re good to go!


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