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Natnicha Rojchanasom – Be Your Own Boss

Natnicha Rojchanasom (Fai) was just a university student looking for a source of income when she took up a friend’s recommendation to sell online.Today, with over 40,000 followers, Fai is a successful Lazada eCommerce seller focusing on a timeless classic – jeans.

Name: Natnicha Rojchanasom (Fai)
Age: 27
Category: FA, Women’s Fashion
Joined Lazada in:2018

How old were you when you joined Lazada as a seller and what made you want to become one?

I was 23 when I signed up with Lazada as a seller. Initially motivated by the need for an income, I am now a proud owner of NIPPERISDABEST serving women’s fashion needs with a focus on jeans. My eCommerce store highlights a lookbook of women enjoying everyday life using jeans.

Have you ever had experience selling before going online to do it?

No, I had no prior experience with retail or selling before starting out as an eCommerce seller. My only venture has been Instagram social selling.

Did you leave a job to open your own business? If yes, what motivated you to take that step?

No, as I was just a university student without a job. Back then, I was eager to look for an income source and a friend’s recommendation to sell online inspired me to open an eCommerce business.

What made you decide to sell in your current category?

At first, I tried to identify the market demand. I focused on pre-orders and observed the products that customers prefer or show the most interest in. After trial and errors I came up with an idea to sell something that never goes out of fashion – jeans!

What is the most fulfilling part of being an eCommerce seller now?

I feel happy selling on Lazada now as it is vastly different compared to selling on social media. The eCommerce selling process is such a breeze as I do not need to constantly chat with customers in order to close product sales.

What are some of the most challenging parts of being your own boss?

The early stage of running a business is the most challenging part of being my own boss. There is a lack of funding to begin operations and ideas to grow the business are not there yet. However, these can be overcome with eCommerce as a large capital is not required to start selling fashion products.

Do you have advice for anyone who might want to be their own boss? 

If you lack funding to start your dream business, try focusing on pre-orders first to avoid any unsold stock. You can observe and learn about what customers like along with developing your product listing. From that point onwards you can grow your business.

What are your three top tips for anyone who wants to succeed in selling online?

  1. Be sure to leverage Lazada’s Sponsored Solutions where advertisements in-app and Lazada’s affiliate networks can significantly increase your sales.
  2. Use LazPick! In my opinion, LazPick helps a lot in branding and building customer trust. My store gets an exclusive, colorful LazPick symbol that assures buyers that I am a credible seller.
  3. Join eCommerce platform sales campaigns such as Double Digit sales (9.9 11.11), Mid Month sales, and Pay Day sales to raise awareness of your brand and boost earnings.

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Look out for more insights in the latest ‘Be Your Own Boss’ series, where Lazada profiles its inspiring and successful young sellers within the ASEAN region who decided to become their own boss. Stay tuned for more amazing seller B.Y.O.B stories! #BYOB

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