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Pristine – Be Your Own Boss

Offering premium yet affordable scented candles and reed diffusers, Lincoln’s brand Pristine has an eCommerce presence of over 42,500 followers! Read on to rejuvenate your senses and be inspired by this bright Lazada seller.

Name: Lincoln Thong Zheng Wen
Age: 29
Name of store: Pristine
Category: Home & Living
Joined Lazada in:2020

How old were you when you joined Lazada as a seller and what made you want to become one?

It was 2020. I was 27 when I signed up as a seller in the heat of eCommerce growth. Pristine has always been an affordable premium brand. I felt that Lazada’s platform could represent our brand with its great UI and UX features in addition to hosting a good mix of fellow respectable brands.

Have you ever had experience selling before going online to do it?

Yes, we set up a website and a few departmental stores sold our products. What surprised me the most was how new brands got to be positioned alongside established ones in Lazada. As a result, brand exposure became faster compared to traditional selling.

Did you leave a job to open your own business? If yes, what motivated you to take that step?

Yes, I left my job to run Pristine full-time. I believed that a strong brand needed a lot of time and effort to build – making 100% focus necessary.

What made you decide to sell in your current category?

I saw a gap in the market for a premium yet affordable home fragrance brand that can appeal to consumers and stay relevant.

The existing luxury brands felt inaccessible to everyday consumers while cheap but poorly branded fragrances lacked the element of emotional connection.
Hence, Pristine was founded to meet this gap!

What is the most fulfilling part of being an eCommerce seller now?

I am satisfied that Lazada has made Pristine level up to become an omnichannel seller. Unlike offline or website sales, eCommerce enables us to reach a larger consumer base without difficulty and high cost.

What are some of the most challenging parts of being your own boss?

Making tough business decisions is the most challenging part. However, this is essential for success!

Do you have advice for anyone who might want to be their own boss? 

Learn to delegate. Teamwork makes great work.

What are your three top tips for anyone who wants to succeed in selling online?

  1. Invest in great photos and images
  2. Gain as much visibility on Lazada as possible by using the seller tools such as LazMall, LazLive, and Sponsored Discovery Ads
  3. Practice great customer service and communications to form a memorable connection with your customers.

Look out for more insights in the latest ‘Be Your Own Boss’ series, where Lazada profiles its inspiring and successful young sellers within the ASEAN region who decided to become their own boss. Stay tuned for more amazing seller B.Y.O.B stories! #BYOB