Kane | Fjallraven

Originally an outdoor gear company, Fjallraven started out as a venture to provide superior backpack options than those available at the time.

Ã…ke Nordin, the founder of the brand, was in search of a backpack that provided better support and carried heavier loads easier, but, due to his unsuccessful search, he went on to design one such backpack himself. Which led to several Fjallraven’s renowned creations, with the most popular being the KÃ¥nken design!

Despite being onboarded as a LazMall merchant in 2018, Fjallraven only decided to focus majority of their efforts onto the Lazada Marketplace alongside their assigned Key Account Manager in 2020. Since then, they have experimented with numerous Seller Tools to leverage on Lazada’s ready infrastructure and have since found success through its applications.

So what exactly is the magic formula for Fjällräven’s accelerated growth spurt to emerge as one of our Top Fashion Sellers? Watch on till the end for their practical advice amidst this Covid19 Pandemic!

Sam and Gary Lo Ang

Sam and Gary Lo Ang have a successful fashion store on Lazada called SAMGAR Trading. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the Philippines, they began supporting healthcare workers by manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE). Watch how they continue to aid Filipino medical frontliners with their locally-made PPE!

About Seller Stories:

Thousands of ordinary Filipinos have changed their lives by becoming sellers on Lazada. Because anyone can sell on the country’s biggest e-commerce platform, Filipinos from different backgrounds have been able to establish thriving businesses through the platform. Seller Stories is a video series that aims to amplify their incredible journeys – the origins, struggles, and, of course, triumphs.

To become a Lazada seller, visit https://lzd.co/SellOnLazadaPH
Shop SAMGAR Trading here: https://bit.ly/SAMGARTrading

Yoe Charles

Jarak bukan alasan untuk selalu berikan yang terbaik bagi Customer.

Ini cerita Charles (pemilik toko PapaTeknik) dan strateginya untuk menjangkau Customer lebih luas. Lokasi toko yang berada di Denpasar dengan produk barang pertukangan berat tidak menyurutkan mimpi dan semangatnya dalam mengembangkan bisnis ke berbagai daerah. Dengan menggunakan layanan FBL (Fulfilled by Lazada), seluruh pesanan Customer di berbagai daerah bisa sampai tepat waktu dalam kondisi yang baik.

Kalau kamu bagaimana? Siap temukan suksesmu sendiri seperti Charles ke arah #SuksesMemanggil?
Tonton dulu yuk perjalanan Charles dalam mengatasi rintangan yang dialami di video berikut!

Chloe and Jonathan

Meet the renowned mastermind (Philips Lighting) behind the creative, tech-savvy, and modern home lighting systems spotted across the majority of Singaporean households today!

Taking a leap of faith to venture into eCommerce, Philips Lighting became one of Lazada’s pioneer international brands who recognized the importance and potential of the industry.

Since May 2018, Signify has become the new company name for Philips Lighting. They have a proven track record of investing heavily in R&D to stay at the forefront of technological developments. Hence, the constant introduction of new innovative products cemented Philips Lighting to regularly emerge as one of Lazada’s Top Sellers year after year.

Watch on to find out how a mutual collaboration between Lazada and themselves prove to be a key success factor for other aspiring sellers to follow suit.

Check out their wide assortment of lighting products below: