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What makes an entrepreneur?

Were you that kid in class always saving up your allowance to buy small erasers or marbles then selling it to your friends? Or maybe you decided to start lending your comic books out to classmates to make a bit of cash on the side? Or maybe you even had early working beginnings working at your family’s store and understanding how a business can be run?

As early as you might have started, whether you decided to follow down that path is all that matters because the fact of the matter is that entrepreneurs aren’t born, they’re made. And they’re made over time, and through your life while you build up a repository of skills and qualities. Want to know if you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Our list could help you identify or hone in on the traits that could help you fulfil your calling!

1. You’re a Visionary

You’re someone who plays the long game. Starting a business is only one part of the success equation. You have to look ahead to sustain that success too. Being a visionary means you have the insight and vision to maintain a long-term business, which is not the easiest thing to do. But when you see an opportunity, (and you know exactly how to spot them) you grab it by the horns! You’re also someone who can recognise the latest and upcoming trends and can integrate them into the growth of your business. This also means having the foresight and wisdom to make sound business decisions, and you use this skill to your profit.

2. You’re Focused on Being Innovative

“Necessity is the mother of innovation” as the saying goes. Being an innovative person, you’re able to see to the needs of your business and customers, and resolve any issues that arise. In fact, you enjoy creative problem solving, and thinking outside the box is your specialty. Innovative people spot patterns easily, and are not afraid to take risks and experiment with new methods to overcome the most complex problems. If there’s a new way to make improvements to your products, pricing, placing, and promotions, you’ll find it.

3. In the Face of Opposition, you’re Persistent

Your motto is to keep on keeping on. You fight the good fight to achieve all of your goals. Being an entrepreneur who is persistent and passionate about your dreams, you know exactly what it means to dig in your heels when the going gets tough, and you know to stay positive when facing difficult situations in business. In fact, your persistence makes you comfortable with embracing failure too. You know that to be a business owner is to accept that failure is an important part of running a business. With how easy it is for things to go wrong or fall out of the scope of your control, what really matters to you is how you can use those failures to create an enduring business.

4. You’re Highly Disciplined

You create plans, test them, and execute them in style! And then you do it all over again tomorrow! The single most important trait of being an entrepreneur is self-discipline, and you know how important it is to stay on course. You innately understand that passion without discipline is like a boat without a sail. It’s on you to ensure that all distractions and hindrances in your path are moved out of the way, so that your business can thrive. No matter the sacrifice, you know how to power through the lows and highs to follow through with your goals.

5. You have a Strong Sense of Self-awareness

You are inwardly directed, able to master control over your emotions and you can see exactly what you bring to the table as an entrepreneur. Self-awareness is becoming an exceedingly important trait in business, aside from one’s personal growth. You understand that it is important to know when you’re standing in your own way and how to align your strengths and weaknesses to contribute to the success of your business. With this personal knowledge, you’re able to adapt and evolve with the unpredictable nature of business and thrive.

Let Lazada Guide your Journey into Entrepreneurship

Whether these are traits that you immediately identify with or have been putting work into, Lazada can help you become the entrepreneur you were always meant to be.

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