Yi Thing, Yi Chen – Be Your Own Boss

Hear from Yi Thing about the journey she and her sister took into entrepreneurship as young women who decided to expand on their family business The Fisherman with eCommerce platform Lazada. Name: Yi Thing, Yi Chen Age: 23, 19 Name of store: The Fisherman Category: Groceries → Dried Seafood Joined Lazada in: July 2021 How… Continue reading Yi Thing, Yi Chen – Be Your Own Boss

Teh Chun Kai

“In the process of making money, we are able to help others learn and build a community together through Lazada.” When we witness how the youth are talking about their online purchasing experience, we could foresee the next trend. In 2020, we were hit with COVID-19 pandemic. That’s when we knew that Lazada was the… Continue reading Teh Chun Kai

Ling Sing Tai

My thought process was, we can grow faster if we share our knowledge and grow together with other sellers.” I was an app developer for Apple before I started selling on Lazada. My initial business didn’t do so well and after doing some reading on Quora, I decided to sell online. We started small by… Continue reading Ling Sing Tai

Broz Car

Poh Lee

In less than 6 months, our Lazada revenue surpassed our offline brick and mortar sales revenue. We were a traditional brick-and-mortar business selling electronic goods until the rental for the retail shop increased year on year. We decided to venture into selling online in 2014 and Lazada provided us with an easy payment gateway, 3PL… Continue reading Poh Lee

Russel Taylors

Baby Mart

Bubbly entrepreneur Jamie uses eCommerce seller tools to increase her sales by three times! Learn how to grow your business sales with Seller Picks, Free Shipping, Flexi Combo, etc.