Key eCommerce Trends in 2023

There are many factors shaping the eCommerce landscape including technology advancements, consumer behavior, globalization as well as the highly competitive nature of the eCommerce industry.

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Using FOMO to drive sales

If you weren’t already aware, FOMO stands for ‘Fear of Missing Out’ – an emotion many consumers experience. We, as humans, have an embedded anxiety

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How to Sell: Sustainable Fashion

Today, our clothing choices are often influenced by celebrities as they are the movers and makers of fashion. Sustainable fashion is trending and enables eCommerce

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When you’re in the business of selling goods to consumers, you are likely to use a lot of different materials whenever you pack and ship products. Because of this, implementing sustainable packaging practices in your eCommerce business can help to…

Collaborative efforts and a sense of community are needed to make progress towards a more sustainable future.

Generated using Dall-E 2 A recession may feel like an impending storm threatening to uproot your eCommerce business at any time - once your vault of savings or stash of cash runs out. Fear not though, for you can learn from…

The booming growth of eCommerce these past few years is undeniable and a large con of that has been the spam from marketing emails or App notifications in our smartphones. With at least 71 million enterprises in Southeast Asia, it…

Our world today is facing rapid climate change. Carolin Barr who is the founder of susGain highlights that there are major socio-environmental issues. This rings true with CO2 emissions increasing by 90% since 1970, a looming threat of water scarcity…

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important topic for businesses, it becomes more crucial to find innovative approaches that can help tackle the challenges we face and drive positive change. More organizations are looking into rehauling how they do business, referencing…

In a crowded eCommerce marketplace, telling your brand story helps you stand out from the competition. Your brand is more than just your logo, and when you build your brand story, it allows you to showcase what sets your brand…

Sustainability is a critical issue that affects us all, from the health of our planet to the well-being of our communities and economies. It is a multidimensional concept that encompasses environmental, social, and economic aspects. When it comes to business,…

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