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LazMall Brand Partners

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Brand Spotlight: Greenika and Avoskin

LazMall is home to local and international brands looking to elevate their brand and build stronger trust with buyers with a 100% authenticity guarantee.

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Hear how Greenika and Avoskin,
two homegrown beauty brands from the Philippines and Indonesia, made it happen.

Gesika Baylon,
Founder, Greenika

‘LazMall is a must-have partner for homegrown brands looking to scale-up.’

Anugrah Pakerti,
CEO, Avoskin

‘Being on LazMall means you’re legit. Buyers shop with confidence on LazMall.’


Greenika is a Filipino-born skincare brand that cares. Over the years, we emerged as Lazada Marketplace’s top Filipino beauty brand, before making the leap to LazMall in 2021.

By being on LazMall, buyers have the strong assurance that our products are authentic, just like any other global beauty brand.

Having greater access to data insights enables us to swiftly tweak our strategies and improve conversion.


Avoskin is proudly born and bred in Indonesia. As the leading and trusted destination where shoppers look for beauty products, LazMall was an easy choice for us when taking our business online during the pandemic.

LazMall gives us an edge in a highly competitive beauty industry in Indonesia, by putting us on the same stage as globally iconic brands.

Being on LazMall has also enabled us to tailor our strategies for greater exposure, higher visibility, and even more opportunities to be added to shoppers’ carts.

Local brands benefit from dedicated support, better visibility and association with a trusted platform. 

Elevate Your Brand with LazMall Today.

Membership Matters

Brand Spotlight: Benefit Cosmetics and La Roche-Posay

LazMall’s Store Membership Program helps brands build a loyal community of buyers and drive consistent engagement with them.

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Hear how Benefit Cosmetics and La Roche-Posay made it happen.


Since the launch of LazMall’s membership program, we saw over 40% growth in new buyers across the region. Members also have a strong interest in our brand and are more inclined to purchase.

La Roche-Posay

Our partnership with LazMall enables us to connect with our customers in a sustainable way.

Benefit Cosmetics:

With LazMall’s Store Membership Program, we are able to build a robust community of members online.


We grow our buyer relationship by enabling them to accumulate membership points and collect shopping vouchers. And the sign-up process is easy and free for buyers and brands.

LazMall’s membership program is a win-win for brands and buyers. We reward our loyal members with high-value gifts like full-size products – who return to enjoy more exclusive Benefit perks through LazMall.

La Roche-Posay:

When we came on-board LazMall’s Store Membership Program, our goal was always to acquire new consumers and nurture our member community over time.

The LazMall Store Membership Program enables us to engage with our members throughout the year, beyond campaigns or product launches.

It allows us to zero in on those who engage most with us – by offering exclusive perks to members who would have a greater interest in the brand and be more inclined to purchase.

LazMall connects brands to a savvy network of buyers.

Grow your network community with Lazmall’s Store Membership Program today.

Transform your Business with LazMall Today

Brand Spotlight: Timberland and Vans

Lazmall enables brands to expand and reimagine their businesses. Hear from two brands – Timberland and Vans – that have amplified their brand story, strengthened customer engagement and created an elevated customer experience with LazMall.

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Amplifying their Brand Story on LazMall

Brands trust LazMall as a dedicated brand channel to build their online presence and tell their brand story.

Strengthening Customer Engagement through Data Insights

LazMall equips brands with the tools and insights they need to understand their customers, so that brands can actively tailor their content and promotions to suit their consumers.

Creating an Elevated Consumer Experience

LazMall enables brands to uplift consumer experience through its livestreaming capabilities, live chat functions and Lazada’s feed. Brands are able to tailor a 360-experience through LazMall and provide a seamless offline to online experience for customers.

We look forward to more campaigns with LazMall, which will contribute deeply to our online retail strategy in the region.

We believe Lazada’s innovation will continue to set our brand up for future success.

LazMall Super Brand Campaigns

Brand Spotlight: Lego and Shiseido

LazMall’s Super Brand Campaigns was conceptualised to accelerate growth and increase customer engagement for Brands.

This exclusive and dedicated offering enables Brands to enhance and achieve bigger business and marketing opportunities. Brands are able to spotlight their unique story and offerings, increase brand recall and create affinity with new and existing customer segments.

Within a 24-hour themed campaign, brands enjoy a “full visibility takeover” of the Lazada platform where customers are fully immersed in a specially curated brand experience filled with customised content and promotions.

Lego and Shiseido partnered LazMall to launch two special brand concepts via Super Brand Campaigns. 

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