Level up your social selling with eCommerce

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Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, social selling has grown tremendously to be its own form of eCommerce. With everyday life becoming increasingly dependent on social media, people have found a way to integrate digital content with selling – before the social media platforms themselves offered a more direct way to sell.

For social sellers, it is understandable why social selling works well for them – it’s a fuss free way to get your followers to buy your merchandise or products and an all-in-one way to communicate to them. Social sellers can also share informational posts such as instructional videos, how-to articles, and connect or communicate with customers using the very same platform.

But what if there was more you could do to level up your game?

Combining social selling with e-commerce

Since the explosion of eCommerce in the region, the year-end has become THE most vital sales period for retail, led by major events like 11.11 (or Single’s Day as it was originally called), and festive sales. A majority of these sales happen in the fashion, health and beauty, and consumer electronics category.

Today, consumers look forward to the year-end mega-shopping season with great anticipation, which means taking advantage of year-end campaigns should be part of your online strategy! Combining social selling with an eCommerce platform like Lazada and utilising its variety of promotional tools especially during year-end campaigns can have a positive impact on sales revenue overall. It is a golden opportunity for social sellers to promote their brands, increase conversion rates, and engage with customers.

Sellers should consistently raise awareness and engage with customers, before ramping up in the lead-up to year-end campaigns. Lazada works with its country teams to develop localised shopping events during these year-end festivities, creating a lot of opportunities for its sellers to connect with buyers in an entertaining and engaging way, sparking consumer hype as we enter the year-end shopping sales.

By leveraging its unique platform engagement tools such as games and livestream features, on-platform ads and loyalty programs, sellers can connect with customers to build brand affinity and awareness.

Combining social selling with an e-commerce platform like Lazada and utilising its variety of promotional tools especially during year-end campaigns, can have a positive impact on sales revenue overall.

Lazada’s advance digital tools optimises sales for beauty sellers

Fashion and beauty sellers in particular should take advantage of Lazada’s advanced digital tools to create more immersive shopping experiences. In 2019, the Lazada app enabled beauty lovers to virtually try on lipstick shades with Magic Mirror, an augmented reality selfie video camera. Just recently, Lazada enabled beauty lovers in Singapore to instantly sample products with pictures or live videos of themselves before making a purchase with its realistic AI and AR-powered Virtual Try-On.

Leveraging on Perfect Corp’s award-winning try-on platform, users are able to truly immerse themselves with hyper-realistic virtual makeovers, try-on beauty products in real-time with true-to-life results via the LazMall flagship stores of Bobbi Brown, Estée Lauder and M.A.C.

What are some other ways you can leverage Lazada’s platform to increase revenue for your business?

Start your campaign early

Start your campaign as soon as possible (like now!) so that consumers become aware of your brand or the products from the researching stage before they actually make a purchase. Use the Promo Tool in Lazada’s Seller Centre to participate in campaigns. Lazada’s marketing team drives traffic via different marketing channels to the campaign pages so that sellers can benefit from the extra exposure.

Engage with your customers on all channels

At the end of the year, consumers are more easily persuaded to advertising slogans or promotional messages than usual. With all the festivities, people tend to feel a greater urge to make purchases. Increase brand loyalty and take advantage of the general desire to shop more by communicating with consumers in a consistent manner. Lazada’s Chat Now feature allows you to provide great customer service and connect with your customers in a timely manner, turning inquiries into sales.

Suggest shopping ideas and have competitive pricing

Prepare product recommendations or packaged items in advance. Utilise Seller Picks, a free tool from Lazada that allows you to promote your best products and boost traffic. You can build on purchasing conversion rates especially by offering benefits or taking advantage of competitive prices when consumers buy certain products. In cases where you cannot drop your price, try to differentiate your offering with free gifts, vouchers or perhaps extended warranties where it’s relevant.

Decorate your store!

Unlike social media, you can decorate your store in your own unique way with Lazada’s Store Builder tool. Well-designed and organised stores can help you attract your customers and gain their trust, especially as a new seller. It can also better reflect your brand and purpose, or help you to promote and highlight your best product, or introduce new ones. What better way to learn to optimise your online store and showcase your products then with the lead up to the holiday sales?


Today, a shopper’s journey can span a wide range of channels. A shopper can hear about a product through various channels such as in-store, social media, via word-of-mouth, or simply by searching online. The wide variety of options creates many ways in how a shopper’s purchasing journey can pan out. Combining social media with eCommerce tools can help you to maximize sales targets and reach a wide audience base.


So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the significant growth available to those who are successful with e-commerce. Join Lazada to get a head start of the upcoming shopping campaigns and year-end festivities!

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