Remote work – Alternatives to an office career

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When you don’t want an office job but still need to pay the bills, what are the alternatives? Remote jobs, which have been on the rise since the pandemic, allow you to conveniently work from the comfort of your home, usually on your own, flexible schedule. 

Nearly every facet of life transitioned to an online format during the pandemic, which gave rise to a widespread adoption of remote work environments. These remote work or ‘work from home’ roles still remain a popular option for many workers today. 

It is no question that being able to work from home or do a job remotely can have many benefits, including a better work-life balance, increased productivity, timeliness, flexibility to work anywhere – not just at home – and reduce time spent stuck in traffic!

If you are considering taking advantage of the remote work trend, there is certainly no shortage of opportunities. Here, we explore some of the common types of remote roles or opportunities that you can consider or maybe pursue, depending on your interest and skills, which include fields like sales and marketing, computer/IT or education and training.

Digital Marketing

Marketing, especially digital marketing, is growing into one of the top remote working spaces worldwide. With so many of us spending a lot more time online these days, the marketing and PR industries are increasingly focusing on digital marketing as a strategy, which consequently means more jobs surfacing in this category for remote workers! 

Digital marketers typically work with email, social media and web content to attract customers and boost brand visibility for their clients.

Freelance writer or copy editor

If you live and breathe words, writing could be a great remote work opportunity for you. Copy editors work to proofread and improve the quality of a writer’s content, while freelance writers create content for clients based on the needs of the client. As a writer, your area of expertise can be technical, medical, educational, creative or sales/marketing-focused, or perhaps even a combination of various areas. 

Those with a skill for written communication can find plenty of remote opportunities within this industry.

Web or graphic designer

A web or graphic designer makes visual graphics for a company’s digital or print marketing materials using computer applications or traditional artistic media. Typical duties of a graphic designer include using graphic design software to create illustrations for advertisements, logos, fonts, or layouts for businesses. With the exponential rise in eCommerce, many start-ups are utilizing the help of web or graphic designers to create an attractive store page for their online shops.

Starting your own eCommerce business

eCommerce is growing every year, and has become a major force in the global economy. For those who’ve ever wanted or dreamed of starting their own eCommerce business, there could not be a better time. Increased time online also means an increase in online spending, and many businesses are thriving by selling their services or products online. Even brick-and-mortar retails stores have opted to swing their businesses online. 

Starting your own eCommerce business is the perfect remote working opportunity. Not only will you have the freedom of owning your own company, work on your own time, and not have to report to anyone else, you can also personally witness, take full ownership and enjoy the success that you are achieving every single day! 

To top it off, eCommerce platforms like Lazada makes it simple and straightforward to start an online business, equipping their sellers with user-friendly tools and leading them all the way to success with support from websites like Lazada University. 

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