Turn your Business Dream into Reality with eCommerce: Laz It Up 2.0

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Isaac stands tall and proud in the warehouse of Peculiar Eyewear, his startup.

Isaac Saliendra is just 29-years-old and yet, he’s made a name for himself in the Philippines for eCommerce. Seven years ago, he started Peculiar Eyewear on Lazada, fresh out of college – and with only 10,000 pesos or US$180.

Now, he’s an accredited Lazada University seller trainer and his store has a presence in other countries like Singapore and even the United States. His motivation these days comes from the joy he finds in helping his salaried employees and making his younger self’s dreams come through.

Here are three takeaways from his Laz It Up 2.0 video and how he took advantage of Lazada to grow his start-up massively in a short time and provide a thriving livelihood for people in the local community.

Start at any age and have nothing to fear

With the right plan and gumption, opening an eCommerce store isn’t dependent on your experience or capital. Isaac’s story is truly inspirational as he defied the norm of climbing the corporate ladder, choosing instead to leave his job and fully focus on his eCommerce store.

It may be a cliche at this point of time to say this but do not be afraid of making mistakes especially if you are young. Be wise, adopt a thrifty attitude to pursue your business idea, and hustle your way up. As Jack Ma quipped: “25 years old? Make enough mistakes. Don’t worry! You fall, you stand up…”

When it comes to Lazada, the platform allows anyone 18 and above i.e. the legal age of consent to open a seller account on its platform. If you’ve a good product and target audience in mind, making it happen is only up to you.

A rewarding partnership with minimal cost

Investing your effort, time, and consistency will surely pay off when it comes to business. Isaac’s success is proof that eCommerce can grow from a side hustle to a stable source of income.

He confidently asserts that Lazada’s website is visited by hundreds of thousands of people everyday and that the results rolled in from Peculiar Eyewear’s very first flash sale that sold 800 products in a single day!

Lazada allows you to learn how to sell, open a professional-looking online store with premium features, and access a sea of potential buyers at no charge. Minimum capital investment means minimum risk, letting your eCommerce dreams be a little closer to reality.

Pro Tip: Simply double or triple the number of products listed in your eCommerce store to double your sales – or assortment as it’s known on Lazada. Different customers have different preferences so the more choices you offer, the more types of people you get to serve.

The eye-catching Lazada Store of Peculiar Eyewear. It boasts 92% Positive Seller Ratings and a following of 126,708!

Be the change that your people need

Lazada holds dear to its seller community values of growing better together and this inspired Isaac. He believes that the sacrifices you make to build a dream for your community will always be worth it.

Isaac and his friends wanted their families to lead better lives and witnessed the endless possibilities of online retail. Today, Peculiar Eyewear has grown to an impressive team of 100 people and Isaac is one of the youngest job providers in his country in a time where many of his peers have lost their jobs. Furthermore, local businesses in his community have also thrived as he sources from local manufacturers, adding to this ecosystem of goodwill.

If you have a good business idea, why not go for it? You too can bring your family and community to the next level. Sign up with Lazada now as a new seller and enjoy exclusive benefits.


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