What’s in everyone’s cart this season: 11.11

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The year-end holiday season is nearly here, and singles day is fast approaching. Lazada’s flagship 11.11 Shopping Festival last year brought together a record 800,000 sellers and brands across the region to participate in its Biggest One-Day Sale of the Year! More than USD630 million worth of Lazada Bonus were collected ahead of 11.11 and Lazada also recorded 20 times more orders placed in just the first two hours, and an uplift of 10 times the sales versus a normal day.

During the shopping event, Lazada collaborated closely with partners to curate the best promotion deals as well as interactive Shoppertainment programmes via LazLive and LazGames, where consumers across the region spent close to a total of 1 billion minutes on the Lazada app!

11.11 remains a staple in Southeast Asia’s retail industry calendar where it provides both eCommerce and the larger retail industry with a much-needed end of year boost, particularly as the region’s economy is just starting to recover from the aftermath Covid-19.

Home Appliances, Mobile & Tablet devices as well as Beauty and Personal Well-being were the top trending categories last year. There was also over five times increase in orders for Korean products. Will some of these trends continue this year? Shopping season brings an opportunity to get your best selling products in front of your potential customers. We take a look into some of the trending products to see where the industry is headed and what is in popular demand by customers in the region.

Consumer Electronics

Southeast Asian consumers are adopting new technologies rapidly in so many different ways that it can be difficult to track. But what this means is the consumer electronics category is still on track for huge sales this year, with eCommerce platforms like Lazada drawing consumers online, who are drawn by competitive pricing. Popular products purchased within this category include mobile phones and accessories, laptops and home office electronics, game consoles, USB and power banks. Innovative tech product experiences with time-saving, flexible solutions that supports a digital-first lifestyle will remain in high demand.


Luxury streetwear and sportswear is one fashion trend that has been consistently popular in the past couple of years, and is a particularly huge hit amongst millennials. Since they balance comfort and style, athleisure products is especially popular now with so many people still working from home. There are tons of athleisure clothing types you can sell in your online store. From sports bras to leggings, t-shirts to gym shorts, comfortable clothing that you can wear lounging at home and is smart enough to also wear to the office or on business meetings is on most people’s radar in 2022. On Google Trends, the search volume for “athleisure” has stayed relatively high and stable over the years, testament to this category’s ongoing success.

Leggings and Shapewear

In comparison to other lingerie types, shapewear sales have been steadily growing for a few years now, proving it’s not just a fad . A foundation garment used to shape the body, this is especially popular amongst fashion enthusiast and women wanting to feel good and look good now that life is slowly starting to pick up again. In this sector, diversity and inclusivity across size and gender will continue to be important. So when adding leggings or shapewear to your store, have a variety of styles and provide a broad range of sizes and shades, allowing various demographics to wear and enjoy your product. Inclusivity in fashion will allow you to turn this trending item into a profitable opportunity.

Nail extensions or press-on nails

Nail extensions is only one of the keywords people use to search for this product. They’re also called false nails, press-on nails, fashion nails, acrylic nails, etc., indicating that the niche is a lot bigger than you might initially realize. Nail extensions or its equivalent offer a convenient way to do manicures at an affordable price. With press-on nails, people can easily remove or swap their nails, customizing it as they want while protecting their natural nails from damage. Create uniquely designed press-on nails to stand out from other online businesses. Promoting them on social media channels can also help you to stand out from the crowd.

K-beauty trend

Korean beauty, also known as K-beauty, has left an indelible mark over the last decade, with COVID undoubtedly pushing a steady growth in at-home and high-tech K-beauty gadgets such as full-face LED masks and ultrasonic facial cleansers. Sheet masks, BB creams, and serums remain a popular addition to people’s daily skincare routines, although there’s also a strong trend toward simplifying beauty routines with multi-use items. K-beauty skincare products that focus on ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol, and AHA/BHAs is also increasingly in demand as consumers continue to lookout for complex, groundbreaking beauty offerings that stand out for their ingenuity and efficacy.

Phone accessories

Mobile phones are among the most widely used gadgets anywhere in the world, resulting in items like phone cases, phone holders, power banks, or car chargers, and accessories like phone straps and charms, becoming consistently trending products. If you’re looking for a stable yet constantly growing trend, the phone accessories market is perfect for diving into right now, and is both profitable and future-proof.

Reusable water bottles

Concerns over consumer waste and single-use plastics have gained wide attention over the last few years, driving more consumers to integrate reusable bottles into their lifestyles. Google Trends data shows that the search volume for “water bottle” has been increasing steadily and the water bottle trend shows no sign of slowing. The insulated metal variety seems to be the most popular, as it keeps beverages at ideal temperatures. Some other variants include smart water bottles and collapsible cups. It’s best to pick a product with a unique design that isn’t popular in your area yet so that you can become the go-to seller.

Health is wealth

In the aftermath of the pandemic, many consumers are still concern and making sure to take better care of their health than ever before. Health products such as multivitamin, fish oil, probiotics, ginseng and dietary supplements remain in high demand, and will continue to see a surge as health remains a top priority for everyone.

Travel accessories

Although travel was suppressed during the pandemic, it has now returned with a bang, and the relief and excitement of being able to travel again will inspire shoppers to eagerly search for travel-related accessories. Many shoppers are updating their wardrobe with travel wear or looking out for that latest travel accessory to make that long-awaited, upcoming journey a more pleasurable one. Packing cubes remain a top trend in the travel accessory category, while items like customizable toiletry bags or containers, headphones, travel pillows and power banks and chargers are in high demand.

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