What’s in the Beauty Cart this Season: 9.9 Campaign

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Keeping up with the trends is how a business thrives, especially if you’re in a fast-moving industry like beauty and fashion, where a keen eye is needed to spot the changes and catch the right wave.

For eCommerce sellers that want to take advantage of the trends, Lazada has already done some of the leg work for you, so read on to find out which top 10 beauty products are trending this season and for the 9.9 Campaign!

Face masks, eye masks, and lip masks

Even if COVID-19 is seemingly fading away and we might soon be done with daily mask wearing and the maskne that comes with it, it’s never a bad idea to offer buyers products that are a “skinvestment”. With or without a pandemic, products such as DIY face mask kits and lip masks, and also under eye masks, are great ways to cater to the skincare-interested aside from the usual N-95s.

Vitamin C Serums

While it was the most searched beauty ingredient in 2020, Vitamin C is still having its day in the sun. With its ability to tackle uneven skin tones and wrinkles, and prevent aging, stocking up on Vitamin C serums is definitely the way to go. Packed with antioxidants, keep an eye out for those serums!

Gua Sha

A traditional Chinese healing method, gua sha or jade scraping is the practice of using a smooth-edged tool to stroke the skin with pressure to reduce inflammation and boost immunity as well as collagen production. Originating from ancient China and popularized by social media platform Tik Tok, this trend reduces inflammation and has an immune-protective effect that lasts for days!

LED face masks

This high-tech beauty trend has garnered a strong following by celebrity influencers like Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and even footballer Paul Pogba! This electrical fountain of youth promises to reduce signs of aging, wrinkles, and clears up dull skin.

Graphic Liners

Thanks to HBO’s hit series Euphoria, many eye looks inspired by several of its main characters have especially encouraged more people to explore graphic eyeliner designs with eyeliners of striking colors. As more people experiment beyond the casual cat eye, you’ll want to jump in on this one for euphoric sales too!


Protection against sun damage is integral for prevention against skin cancer and premature aging. As more people venture outdoors on beach holidays, sunscreen has become more important than ever, so you might want to have these sufficiently stocked.

DIY Beauty Devices

The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired many to get their own professional-standard results at home, whether through boredom or aspiration. As a seller, take advantage of these trends and get your hands on interesting appliances like facial steamers, UV LED nail dryers, and hair dryer brushes to serve your buyers better.


Skincare content creators on Tik Tok called it: Blush is back in season. With brighter pinks and shades of red dominating the spring scene, and a youthful flush, thanks to Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, blush is making a strong comeback, so don’t be shy and jump on the trend wagon!

Men’s Grooming Products

More and more men are becoming better educated about skin care, and are starting to invest in their facial routines. With unisex products becoming increasingly available, the men’s skincare and beauty industry is booming. To have a better idea of which products to look into, GQ has compiled a list of the top men’s skin care products (cleansers, serums, creams, etc.) to purchase.

Multitasking facial products

Minimalism, or ‘skinimalism’, is a beauty trend that started in 2021 and still continues to gain traction. Referring to the beauty and skin care products that do it all in one tube, sellers would be wise to stock up on these multitasking beauty products as they increase in popularity and is a sure way to maximize your sales during this 9.9 Campaign.


A BONUS TIP: Eco Friendly packaging and inclusive marketing

The Millennial and Gen Z crowd are well-informed, conscientious, and green-market savvy, and are more likely to make purchases from businesses that share their values, so you should invest in biodegradable packaging and ensure you have a selection of products that are cruelty-free, vegan, with naturally-derived ingredients, and are gender-inclusive. Make sure to let buyers know that you are in it to save the Earth too.

Tune in to howwesell.asia for more tips on enhancing customer experiences and best practices to increase your sales.


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