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Featuring Seen Chia Toong from CT Hardware, Malaysia

Seen Chia Toong runs a family business and he wants to continue the brand legacy. When he was approached by Lazada in 2013, he felt it was the perfect time to level up for the future. 

With the support of Lazada’s seller tools, his business skyrocketed, expanding his team from 3 brothers to 10 staff. With every new hire, he equips them with practical knowledge provided by courses made available on Lazada University to help tackle future challenges. 

In 2016, just 3 years after joining Lazada, he managed to move into a new and bigger warehouse. 


CT Hardware starts retailing on Lazada


CT Hardware
moves to a larger warehouse


visits CT Hardware

Running a 40-year-old family business is no easy feat. While maintaining his family values, Seen Chia Toong of CT HARDWARE managed to level up from a brick-and-mortar business by breaking the tradition through e-commerce on Lazada.

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