Laz Insider Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with Inspirations to Achieve Higher Business Growth with Less Environmental Impacts!

Lazada Insider brings you “Lazada Insider – Earth Day Special” Series with exclusive expert interviews to inspire you to achieve higher business growth with less environmental impacts!

Join us every Monday from 18th Apr to 16th May, to learn from experts on topics from sustainability strategy, sustainability sectoral focus, tips to close consumer say-do gap, plastic packaging reduction to green logistics.

Christine Diamente
Christine leads BSR’s Business Transformation team, helping companies to manage sustainability throughout their business and across their supply chains and to develop resilient business strategies that leverage insights from BSR’s Sustainable Futures Lab.

Trezelene Chan
Trezelene heads the Kantar Sustainability based out of Singapore, with experience across the APAC region. Her core expertise of the practice is in understanding the relevance of sustainability issues by sector, developing and helping activate meaningful and authentic purpose, devising innovative solutions, unlocking behaviour change, and structuring impactful measurement programmes.

Anvaya Sharma
Anvaya has around 20 years of qualitative research experience, helping many clients across the globe unlock business growth opportunities. Her expertise is understanding consumer behaviours in the context of culture, social norms, and the varying ability that consumers possess for decision making.

Irene Hofmeijer
Irene has dedicated her career to working with governments, civil society, and private sector actors to create national strategies for plastic waste management. Irene founded Life Out Of Plastic (L.O.O.P.) – a social enterprise that has mobilized citizens to take action on plastic pollution in Peru since 2011.

Suya Patni
Suya has years of experience in managing numerous plastic waste management projects in Southeast Asia. As part of the biggest digital waste management systems in Bali – Griya Luhu, she gained extensive insights into the waste management policy environment in Indonesia.

Cameron Steagall
Cameron supports BSR’s transportation and green freight team by working with the Clean Cargo, Sustainable Air Freight Alliance, and Future of Fuels collaborative initiatives. He also assists in researching and advising for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team.

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