Be Your Own Boss – Keeps Design

With a passion for fashion that empowers women, Nutchar Rachataworaphon (June) and Cutchareeya Rachataworaphon (Joanna) grew their fashion brand from a side hustle to an eCommerce business, which has over 40,500 followers! Read on to learn how they leveraged Lazada’s nifty eCommerce tools. Name: Nutchar Rachataworaphon (June) and Cutchareeya Rachataworaphon (Joanna) Age: 27 Name of… Continue reading Be Your Own Boss – Keeps Design

Natnicha Rojchanasom – Be Your Own Boss

Natnicha Rojchanasom (Fai) was just a university student looking for a source of income when she took up a friend’s recommendation to sell online.Today, with over 40,000 followers, Fai is a successful Lazada eCommerce seller focusing on a timeless classic – jeans. Name: Natnicha Rojchanasom (Fai) Age: 27 Name of store: NIPPERISDABEST Category: FA, Women’s… Continue reading Natnicha Rojchanasom – Be Your Own Boss

Yui Lalilla

“I have the determination to succeed in this business.” In this day and age, opening a brick and mortar store comes with a lot of adversity. After much reasoning, I decided to sell on Lazada. I thought it was a good start to launch an ecommerce platform and the cheapest and fastest investment. Plus, Lazada… Continue reading Yui Lalilla

A Peerawat

“I am a seller who started from zero.” I am a seller who has already sold my products on different platforms. However, none were as easy-to-use and useful to me as Lazada. It is a marketplace of sellers and a community of sellers who are awesome and strive to be successful. Lazada is the number… Continue reading A Peerawat

Pudding Puthitorn

We find that Lazada has many tools that make it easier to post products including reaching customers is much more so we decided to focus on selling on Lazada.” I was trying to find e-commerce platform to increase my revenue, and over the last 4 years, the trend in online selling is very hot. I’ve… Continue reading Pudding Puthitorn

IAudio from GM


Chiangmai Freshmilk