12. 12 Shopping Wishlist – What are Buyers looking for?

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Christmas bells are ringing and New Year’s is just around the corner! Shoppers are in a mood to spend as the holidays near and everything – especially wardrobes – could use a refresh. Price-savvy buyers are hunting for the best 12.12 deals on eCommerce platforms whether it be beauty products, fashion essentials, health supplements, or replacing worn out electronics.

This year, Lazada and KANTAR polled over 2,000 consumers in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam combined to understand buyer sentiment. Read on for their findings and some useful tips to empower your eCommerce shop in winning more sales:

Buyers want new brands that offer high quality

Fret not if you are a new brand in the eCommerce arena. Today’s trend of comparing prices, stacking discounts, and collecting free shipping coupons especially during double digit sales such as 12.12 has opened the gates for exciting new brands to make their mark in the online shopping scene.

In the growing eCommerce retail sector, your new brand has a significant opportunity to acquire new customers with up to 78% of shoppers being keen to try out new brands. There is one catch though: quality assurance! Most buyers (around 70%) need confirmation that you offer good quality before clicking Add to Cart.

To assure customers that your items are of good quality, join reputable eCommerce platforms such as Lazada to elevate your brand status. Home to big brands and creative local brands alike, placing your products in Lazada is akin to renting a prime business location. Additionally, your shop can show clear proof of authenticity in the form of a LazMall badge, Seller Ratings, Reviews, and number of followers.

Buyers want active sellers with social media pages

If you are not online, you don’t exist. Be sure to have your online shop on both eCommerce and social media as up to 67% of customers go on social media to view businesses. Don’t miss out on partnering with influencers as their reviews make a difference where up to 46% of buyers learn about a new brand through influencers.

Add a personal touch by having a business number complete with a catalog of your best sellers on chat Apps such as WhatsApp or LINE. Be responsive in your eCommerce shop’s chatbox. Lazada enables an automatic response message when you are inactive. This way, customers feel served and an emotional connection is formed.

Buyers want quick links to recommended items

Modern “word of mouth” remains a relevant factor for the success of online stores with up to 63% of shoppers converted due to it. Think of the times you wanted to share for example some lesser known yet premium skincare, a jacket, or some protein bars. Lazada makes this a breeze with a click-to-share feature under each eCommerce product.

A bonus algorithm by Lazada is its high rankability on search engines such as Google. Simply look for e.g. “phone holder” and items sold by Lazada in its electronics category will appear.

Buyers want a wardrobe refresh and beauty stock up

Year-end sales have always been a highlight especially for fashion and beauty even before eCommerce. With 12.12 only discounts, buyers are more likely to stash up in quantity to last through next year. This is especially true for skincare and makeup that have long expiry dates.

Some trending clothing that are saleable in conjunction with the chilly weather, year-end parties, and upcoming summer 2023 include straight-leg jeans, shapewear, and swimsuits.

Buyers want health supplements, food, and beverages

Last but not least, there is a growing awareness of wellness and healthy food. Do consider venturing into this category as they are not a huge number of sellers yet. Keep in mind that a passion for nutrition and health is essential to excel.

How is this trending, you may ask? The glow up trend is huge on TikTok where people flaunt clearer skin, weight loss, muscle gain, or self-care routines. Physical and mental glow ups require wellness products such as supplements, teas, hair oil, and healthy living accessories such as air fryers to facilitate the process. Sellers should also target buyers that are looking to start the new year on a fresh foot with new health regimes.

In essence, do not have the impression that eCommerce is overcrowded. There is space for you too if you have the creativity, resilience, and a unique product to offer. Take advantage of the 12.12 sales and access a huge user base by joining our supportive Lazada seller community today.

Need inspiration? Check out more homegrown fashion and beauty brands such as Sensatia Botanicals (Indonesia), NIPPERISDABEST (Thailand), Cỏ Mềm (Vietnam), Colourette (PH), and Oxwhite (Malaysia).

If you wish to know more about your target audience through reliable statistics, check out Kantar Profiles. A division of KANTAR, Kantar Profiles is a market-leading data company and home to the world’s largest audience network of more than 150 million research-ready respondents. With industry-leading quality measures, fraud detection, and decades of experience, Kantar Profiles is the most trusted panel provider in the industry.

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