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Today, our clothing choices are often influenced by celebrities as they are the movers and makers of fashion. Sustainable fashion is trending and enables eCommerce sellers who sell eco-friendly clothing gain a competitive edge. Buzzwords such as recycle, upcycle, and eco-friendly are all the rage. In fact, 63% of Asian shoppers consider sustainability before making a purchase.

Curious to know why there is a demand for sustainable fashion and wish to learn how you can sell on eCommerce platforms? Read on to find out more:

Multi Grammy Award winner Billie Eilish performing live in her signature oversized fits.

Celebrities revolutionize the fashion scene

Sustainability is sexy thanks to celebrities who use their influence to better the planet. Gen Z idol Billie Eilish has carved a meaningful green fashion movement by persuading Oscar de la Renta to end the use of animal fur.

Billie even worked with Nike to create vegan, leather-free Air Jordans. Leonardo DiCaprio, on the other foot, has invested in sustainable shoe brand Allbirds, which has soles made of renewable sugar cane!

Models flaunting the offerings of Oxwhite. The eco-friendly brand represents comfort and style be it loungewear or classic Oxford shirts.

The rise of eco-conscious fashion brands

Turning our eyes back home, Southeast Asian clothing brands have caught on the trend with many focusing on eco-conscious materials.


Oxwhite is a well-loved label that adheres to two things. One, high quality materials with a perk of sustainability such as bamboo fiber towels and 100% cotton loungewear. The cherry on top is its sustainable practice of brown paper packaging. Two, skillfully crafted clothes designed to fit perfectly. Oxwhite’s LazMall store boasts an impressive 32,486 followers and 98% positive seller ratings.

Nipperisdabest promotes practical and flattering OOTDs with jeans as a staple.


NIPPERISDABEST is a women’s fashion eCommerce store founded by a far-sighted young Thai lady when she was just a university student. Focusing on jeans, the brand at 41,409 followers and 97% positive seller ratings is an innovative one. Its store homepage is a lookbook of girls having fun with themes such as daily wear and glow up.

Jeans are made out of denim, a strong cotton twill fabric. Cotton is fully biodegradable having originated from the outer coating of a cotton plant’s seeds!


Trending Fashionable Apparel that You can Sell

A wise route to enter the eCommerce fashion retail scene is by identifying the latest clothing in demand. Just open YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok to spot these styles worn by influencers:

  • Loungewear – Cute loungewear such as cropped tees, knitted sweaters, high-waisted lounge shorts, cotton dresses, and camisole dresses emerged during lockdowns. Surprisingly, the trend is growing with people sighted wearing loungewear or athleisure in malls and streets.
  • Oversized tees – These street style tees with vibrant prints have been popularized by rap musicians, hip hop dancers, and Billie Eilish.
  • Sneakers – Dresses or skirts matched with sneakers are trending. The coveted vibe where comfort meets style is here to stay.
  • Square neck dresses – True to the Asian taste, the elegant square neckline is much sought after. It shows off a woman’s clavicle and upper back while maintaining modesty by concealing cleavage.
  • Jeans – Skinny, straight-leg, and mom jeans along with high-waisted denim skirts are back. Think of comfort-centric designs such as denim with a slight stretch and office pants with elasticized waistlines.


Level up your fashion sales with LazLook

Now that we have sussed out the types of clothing to sell, let’s delve into curating eCommerce product descriptions. A nifty hack is by using Lazada’s LazLook function – simply browse the app homepage to spot LazLOOK. Click on it to view a page akin to this screenshot.

Lazada identifies the latest styles based on what people purchase the most! Check out #Summer Chic and #Contemporary modest style. The best part is that these hashtags not only guide potential sellers in identifying the best-selling styles but also entice buyers to click and explore sellers’ offerings.

Next, if you click on the Inspiration tab, you get a big picture of what styles consumers are looking to build. “Modest Fits” as pictured include a wide range of long-sleeved tops, jeans, pants, coats, heels, scarves, and little handbags.

Pro Tip: Always specify these in both product details and description: Brand, Clothing Material e.g. cotton/ chiffon, Fashion Style e.g. casual/ formal, Size Fitting e.g. bodycon/ oversized, Sleeve Length, and Neckline. An excellent example is “Oxwhite Men Premium Cotton Crew Neck Round Tee.”



Did we spark some ideas for all you business-savvy fashionistas? Create further excitement for your up and coming styles with livestreams.

Read here to learn more about the latest fashion trends, which include virtual try-ons and customized products.

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