7 Ways to Sell Expressive Beauty on eCommerce

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Modern society has greatly progressed into an inclusive one that accepts differences – regardless of gender identity and style! Synagie Chief Marketing Officer Samantha Ong observes that makeup is now used as a tool for self-expression rather than to hide imperfections.

Women are no longer limited to the Asian beauty standard of being soft, alluring, and feminine. Likewise, men are practicing hygienic skincare and using light makeup thanks to pop idol culture. Staying true to yourself has created a love for evocative beauty. Makeup that evokes emotions and expresses personality or identity is highly sought after in both eCommerce and retail storefronts.

Excited to be part of the ever-evolving beauty industry? Here are 7 ways to sell expressive beauty products on eCommerce platforms:

The evocative beauty industry’s expert panelists clockwise: Miki Gierhake who is the Regional Executive Director at NARS Asia under Shiseido Group, Samantha Ong who is the Chief Marketing Officer at Synagie, and Dollei Seah who is the Creative Director & Founder of Makeup Entourage.

1. Market Personalized Sets that Encourage Self-Expression

The old has amalgamated with the new. Everyone is encouraged to be true to themselves thanks to an explosion of unique content creators. Samantha Ong says that now is an exciting time to be in the makeup industry with a sense of liberation and you do you, which fuels creativity and innovation.

Pro Tip: Group and categorize your beauty products under a good selection of styles. Some examples can be K-pop, French, Elegant, Neutral, and Street. Draw inspiration from eCommerce Filipina brand Colourette. They package their makeup sets in unique themes, attracting an audience who wish to give meaningful gifts or express individual personalities.

2. Create Brand New Makeup Formulas

Your favorite brand launches a fresh collection with their latest creations. Catching the word NEW flashing on its eCommerce storefront, a slight adrenaline rush surges within as you eagerly browse. Familiar? Miki Gierhake of NARS emphasizes innovating new products and makeup techniques. Newness hooks your customers into anticipation, exciting and surprising them.

Pro Tip: Create formulas or resell the latest innovations in beauty. Miki provides leading brand examples of long-lasting lipsticks with light textures, limited edition eyeshadow palettes, and clean formulas that enhance complexions.

3. Focus on Clean Beauty

Offer clean solutions that reveal natural skin and encourage expression of true beauty. Sustainable makeup is safe for both consumers and the environment. Dollei Seah of Makeup Entourage says that consumers, especially those with sensitive skin look for makeup benefiting skin.

Check out the illuminating supple blemish cream by dear, Klairs that multitasks as a sunscreen and foundation. Verified LazMall store Natta Cosme has found success by reselling dear, Klairs and promotes this useful product.

Colourette’s model embodies a tropical chill vibe.

4. Leverage Digital Commerce to Grow your Business

When lockdowns got deployed consumers ditched their makeup and hunted for good skincare regimes with a focus on eye makeup to bring out the “windows to one’s heart” above the masks. Similarly, beauty sellers need to shift towards eCommerce.

Miki Gierhake says that the modern beauty market growth is dramatically elevated by eCommerce channels such as Lazada. Leverage eCommerce by producing more digital content. Think of interactive or educational descriptions under lifestyle-themed pictures that embrace a certain vibe.

5. Boost Engagement through Live Shows

The need to engage consumers online arises as sellers no longer have the luxury of attending to every shopper in real life. Samantha Ong provides golden advice: Live shows are akin to an offline store activation! Similar to a classic grand opening, running live shows before launching eCommerce products is a great way to introduce your brand to the masses.

6. Invest in Beauty Tech

Beauty tech becomes essential in the absence of a real-life sensorial touch and feel of makeup samples. Samantha Ong says that beauty technology such as augmented reality (AR) is required to drive business growth. As another Lazada Insider insight revealed, Estée Lauder increased their conversion rate by 250% thanks to Perfect Corp’s beauty AR.

Miki Gierhake says that AR such as virtual try-on and foundation finders to match a shopper’s skin tone using their mobile phone camera are necessary today. Don’t forget to ensure that the user experience (UX) of your store is vibrant and attractive to be sensorial and emotionally appealing.

Introducing NARS color quest on Roblox

7. Add Value in Both Virtual and Real Worlds

With the advent of Metaverse properties and Nike NFTs, adding value to your brand in the virtual world cannot be missed. Miki Gierhake points out that people no longer reside only in the real world but also in the cryptocurrency and NFT worlds. An exciting virtual makeup venture is NARS Color Quest on Roblox that ensures Gen Z gets to learn about NARS.

Pro Tip: Maintain a good customer relationship in the virtual world with a dedicated and active customer service line. Do ensure that the omnichannel approach is taken advantage of by having staff with makeup artist expertise to advise eCommerce buyers.


Inspired by this piece and encouraged to join the buzzing beauty industry with endless potential? Head over to howwesell.asia’s Lazada Insider page for more insightful tips and tricks from our top tier experts.

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