eCommerce Hacks: 4 Reasons Free Shipping Works

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Any good business owner knows that there’s more to business than just selling a quality product; it means providing good service too! One of the easiest ways to do that is by providing free shipping for customers.

It may seem like a small issue but free shipping could be the difference between a buy or an abandoned cart, or whether a customer chooses to visit your shop again. Here are four reasons why free shipping can help your business grow.

1. Free shipping encourages basket-building

Basket-building is an eCommerce strategy that encourages customers to add more items to their basket (or shopping cart).

Providing offers such as “Buy 2 for Free Shipping” or “Spend x amount to enjoy Free Shipping” makes the purchase seem more “value-added” to the buyer and entices them. Admit it: We’ve all been there before – adding items we may not need to a cart, just to hit that free shipping limit.

2. Added visibility

The marketplace can get pretty competitive, especially when you’re running against multiple stores that sell similar items. Free shipping makes your business and items stand out when searching for particular products.

On Lazada’s Marketplace, the little green truck icon next to your product stands out and grabs the attention of customers, encouraging potential customers to discover other offerings in your shop.

3. Customer loyalty

Customers who are loyal to your brand contribute to the longevity of your business.

Enticing regulars to consistently make you their favorite store can come in many forms, and throwing in free shipping as a little reward for their loyalty can sweeten the deal. Delivery options like free or discounted shipping exclusively for repeat customers will definitely ensure that brand loyalty is inspired.

4. Higher sales conversions

With the popularity of free shipping with customers, it’s no wonder that having the option increases sales conversions in eCommerce stores. Much like basket-building, customers are more likely to shop more in your shop when they have one less service to pay for.

Not having to think about shipping costs means one less problem to worry about, making customers more likely to follow through with purchases from your store, and even add on more items into their cart.

Recognizing businesses that push for free shipping
Aside from rewarding your customers for their purchases, Lazada now recognizes sellers for providing free shipping. The new LazPick program rewards committed sellers who exhibit strong sales, provide excellent service and high quality products, and offer competitive prices.

In addition to a snazzy LazPick badge that improves your visibility to buyers, recommended sellers are also rewarded with a discounted Free Shipping Max Program fee, traffic boosting as well as additional Free Shipping vouchers for buyers. What are you waiting for?

Check if you are eligible for the LazPick Program today!

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