How to Build a Trustworthy Brand

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All around the world consumers are turning to the internet for their shopping needs. This has opened a window and created plenty of opportunities for all businesses, as seen by the incredible amount of products and services being offered in the market today.

But running a successful business is not just about selling products and making money. Your customer’s perception is an incredibly important part of the equation for creating a successful company. How your customers think about your brand and company can affect your journey to success in the long run.

Now more than ever, customers gravitate to trustworthy companies and demand authenticity from the companies they buy from. In a time when the economy is still recovering from the after-effects of the pandemic and recession may just be creeping around the corner, customers are more skeptical than ever, leading to more diligence and consumers making meticulous decisions when it comes to shopping. Shoppers in this era of technology are keen to spend money more wisely and to save where they can!

Tech savvy buyers do their research

With fears of inflation on most people’s mind, most buyers do their research before actually making a purchase. They compare prices, check out different eCommerce sites, research businesses and read reviews and feedback from other customers. Recent online statistics show that 58.6% of cart abandonments are due to customers who are ‘just browsing’.

Value-driven consumers these days want good value, convenience, and products/services that will simplify their life, as well as align with their lifestyle. They make purchasing decisions after doing research, comparing brands, prices, services and ultimately choosing brands that they trust.

So how do you build a brand that is trustworthy? There are many ways to do this but here are five key ways for you to consider when thinking about building a trustworthy brand that keeps your customers coming back.

Join a trustworthy and established eCommerce platform

When your company comes across as authentic and trustworthy, it helps you to build strong, lasting relationships with customers and clients. One way to do this as an eCommerce entrepreneur is by joining a platform like Lazada. Lazada requires a legit business registration for a seller to sign up, and also has rules set in place pertaining to their seller accounts to ensure that they provide a platform that is trusted and reliable. Lazada’s sellers must also conduct themselves in a professional manner when using the platform. Using an efficient and reliable platform to sell your goods can in turn help your business to be seen as trustworthy and reliable, especially if you’re just starting out and your brand is new.

Demonstrate transparency

Customers can usually tell when a brand is not being authentic due to mixed or low-value messaging, and a lack of transparency is often the first negative experience a customer hits with any brand. Being transparent with your business information can also help customers perceive your business in a positive light. Have a Google Location included in your store page. Include your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram accounts with a full suite of your products on display. Put all your shipping information and costs up front, and have your contact information clearly stated so your customers can reach you easily. Show your customers you’re not hiding anything in order for them to build trust in your company.

Show the people behind the brand

People trust people, not companies, so why not show them your human side? Build an emotional connection with your customers and show them the people behind the business. This can be through blog posts, guest contributed articles, podcast interviews, social media channels, etc. Find ways to allow leaders on your team to share their expertise and connect with your customers. Shoppers will have an easier time getting to know, relating to and trusting your brand when it has a personality and shows its human side.

Be prompt and responsive

Always be quick and responsive while communicating with your customers, whether it is on a query, feedback or complaint. Have an active social media presence, respond to feedback or reviews, answer questions and try to do regular livestreams on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Friendly and prompt communication is the best way to show potential customers that you’re a real and trustworthy person or business.

Highlight reviews and testimonials

One of the best things a brand can do to be seen as trustworthy and authentic is to share testimonials or reviews of your products or business. Display great customer reviews on your product, website, and social media. Most consumers read reviews before deciding to make a purchase, and leaving honest reviews of your products on your sites can help to build trust in your shoppers.

Creating a brand that’s trustworthy isn’t easy when you’re a new or established brand. But it is equally as important to have a trustworthy brand as it is to focus on your products and services in the long term. Deliver on customer expectations, be authentic, be honest — and you’ll be rewarded with greater customer loyalty and greater ROI.


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