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Great skin is no longer a luxury reserved for those with disposable income to go around. With the convenience offered by eCommerce sellers in the form of local beauty brands or resale K-beauty, Southeast Asians are no longer limited to just Western products, and the prices that come along with it. 

In fact, Asian brands are all the rage with names like Innisfree trending in the LazBeauty Thailand page with 287.29K followers, along with being the most trusted Korean skincare brand in Singapore. It’s a large space and if you love skincare and have a passion to help others get that glow, it’s a sign that it might be time to build a profitable eCommerce skincare line.

Here are some pointers to start you out.

Filipina beauty brand Colourette and a model posing with Vietnam beauty brand CO MEM. Both brands are LazMall Flagship Stores with high ratings, attractive deals, and neat categories.

Local Beauty Brands Arise
Creative, innovative, and community-conscious beauty brands have popped up like mushrooms in Southeast Asia. These beauty lines offer efficacy comparable to Western products at affordable prices. Let’s take a look at some homegrown ones that serve to amaze.

  • Philippines
    Colourette is a beauty brand from the Philippines that specializes in multi-usage makeup. Founded with Filipinos’ self-expression in mind, its LazMall store boasts a stunning 291.4K followers. Colourette’s cruelty free products as part of the PETA Global Beauty Without Bunnies Program is proof that local beauty can attain global standards.
  • Indonesia
    Founded in Bali, Sensatia Botanicals is an eco-friendly Indonesian skincare brand with locals at heart. Its products are elegantly packed, halal certified, and sustainable. Natural ingredients are used and empty bottles are collected for recycling.
  • Vietnam
    Cỏ Mềm has a truly inspiring story. The sustainable brand was created with a goal of bringing beauty back to the times of the founder’s grandmother, such as skincare using rice water and soap made with coconut oil. Its products are free of microplastics and instead use finely ground coffee and sea salt for exfoliation. 

Natta Cosme selling Wishtrend brands and Sulwhasoo ambassador Rosé of BLACKPINK fame.

The Birth of K-beauty Resellers
In a time where Korean beauty is highly popular, consumers desire to try a bouquet of K-beauty brands at a single stop. The demand has created the supply of go-to resellers thanks to affiliate/ partner programs such as one that Wishtrend offers.

Indeed, eCommerce platforms such as Lazada become a viable low cost option for K-beauty resellers. Natta Cosme is one eCommerce store that appears to resell Wishtrend’s top brands such as Klairs, By Wishtrend, and I’m from. Its presence is significant and reliable with a LazMall verified tick and 22.9K followers.

Another website that appears to be a huge reseller is  Yaocos. Its Lazada eCommerce presence  is accessible in Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. Some favorite South Korean brands that it sells include Beauty of Joseon, celebrity-studded Sulwhasoo, Innisfree, COSRX, and Pyunkang Yul.

South Korean actress Ha Ji-Won who stars in top dramas such as Secret Garden and Empress Ki turns 44 this year. She is known for her talent and age-defying skin.

The Pursuit of Youth
Skincare is surging in popularity due to the age-old human desire of attaining the fountain of youth. The explosion in demand for K-beauty can be attributed in part to the signature status of many Korean women aging gracefully. Harpers Bazaar has even released an article on the skincare tips of 11 Asian celebrities over 40.

Look at Ha Ji-Won in her 40s who swears by daily facial masks and eating three lemons per day to maintain supple skin. Three lemons can be delightfully blended into Ha’s soju cocktail recipe, which consists of one-third can of tonic water and a spoonful of honey. Another renowned South Korean actress of Full House (2004) and Descendants of the Sun (2016) fame is Song Hye-Kyo turning 41 this year. She does not seem to have aged!

Here’s an Idea: Curate and market your selection of products based on celebrity tips. Their fans are sure to be attracted to your store.

Millennial and Gen Z men can be a lucrative skincare market. Dr. Mike shows his Nighttime skincare on Harper’s Bazaar while Ali Abdaal with 3.43M YouTube subscribers promotes a productive skincare routine.

Men Love to Look Good!
Men today desire to appeal aesthetically. There is a growing awareness of hygiene and grooming among the male crowd. After all, we do see Adonis-like males with great skin on Netflix.

Additionally, YouTubers like Ali Abdaal who promotes productive skincare have made the wellness practice approachable for men all over the world.

Statistics predict the fastest growth ever from 2022-2030 in the male skincare market. The modern man looks beyond deodorants or razors and reaches towards sun protection and even anti-aging skincare!

In brief, don’t miss out on the wellness, beauty, and skincare train! Get dibs on this lucrative market at an incredibly low cost with Lazada today.

Want more skincare and beauty ideas? Check out this article on for the latest insights on what is trending in the beauty shopper’s cart.

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