What’s in the cart this season: Fashion and Beauty

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As we approach the final quarter of the year, the eCommerce scene is gearing up for big upcoming holidays, big campaigns, and ever bigger sales.

When it comes to the fashion and beauty space particularly, any sales period is a good time for buyers to start stocking up on their stash. For sellers, this presents a golden opportunity for you to start procuring these items and making sure that buyers see you when they’re shopping.

So what should sellers be looking to order? howwesell takes a look at some of the year’s best trends so far for some inspiration.

Jump on the trend wagon and stay in style with this year’s latest and greatest:

Bejeweled brows

As the latest brow trends go from fluffy to thin, many celebs are pruning away at their brows and inventing new shapes. Fashion magazine Vogue discusses how the 90s trend of fine lines are creeping back into trend. Famous celebrities like Doja cat for instance, have been seen adorning her brows with adhesive jewels and rhinestones, so give your customers the means to experiment with colorful shapes and sizes with rhinestones and crystal diamonds.

Metallic eyeshadow for metallic lids

Soft and ethereal or strong and high-fashion, this silver metallic eyeshadow look is versatile as it is cool. It’s a highly adaptable Y2K aesthetic, so it can easily translate from day to night looks and will give your customers plenty of fun looks.

Nail Sticker Art

For those who want to provide great nails at a budget, stick-on nails or nail stickers are the easy go-to solution for customers. Additionally, if you’re a fashion seller that can give buyers a chance to have nails that match their outfits, it’s an added bonus.

Baggy jeans

Knock, knock! Your teenage years are at the door, and they’re in baggy jeans! According to Harper’s Bazaar, baggy jeans are making a comeback, which means your store should be stocking them up as soon as possible. It’s entirely possible that this trend is going to stick around for a while so make sure your buyers know that they can depend on your store to buy these jeans.

Mary Jane shoes

Buckle up, fashion has brought the Mary Jane back. These beloved buckled classics from the 90s are trending again, whether it’s in flats or even in a platform version. Check out this Harper’s Bazaar article on the different styles a pair of Mary Janes can pull off! Prim and proper or fun and flirty, these shoes are a fun choice for night outs or afternoon brunches.

Denim on Denim

Another trend making a comeback is the denim on denim look. According to Stylecaster, clothing items like bucket hats and oversized shirts in denim material were seen at the Spring/Summer 2023 runways last month, so it’s only fair to see it popping up over the month.

For sellers, it’s a good time to start sourcing more denim clothes and mixing it with collections you have now.

Bright red lips

An iconic look, and an even more iconic color, you can’t go wrong with a bright red lip. According to Allure, the lip look has even famously appeared on the runway for Blumarine’s Fall 2022 runway show. Beauty sellers, take note – even if it’s a no-brainer to have this in your store, it might be a good time to start looking at alternative shades closer to red.

Face mists

Protect against pollution, enhance one’s sleeping routine, and fight pigmentation, this multi-use beauty marvel can do it all. And it can even help create a glazed skin look, which InStyle.com says is in trend this month.

White tank top

Something simplistic and yet enduring as the white tank top has yet again made it onto the catwalk. While plenty of big names have stamped their brands onto the white tank top, this humble yet staple piece can come in any number of fabric types, opening up a number of #OOTD possibilities!

Sequin dresses

Along with bedazzled eyebrows, the re-emergence of 90s trends also means that sequins are back in! According to Refinery29, you can’t afford to miss sequins as it becomes one of the biggest trends this season. Get the party started with some shiny dresses this October and help bring your buyers bring this 90s trend back into full swing.

With more great sale campaigns coming up towards the end of the year, tune in to howwesell.asia for more tips on what buyers are looking for.

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