Lazada University: Why Learning to Sell Shouldn’t be Hard

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Setting up an e-commerce store can be a daunting one if done alone. Imagine having to develop a website from scratch, working with developers to make sure that payment methods are secure or that listings are done right. One of the joys of selling on an established e-commerce platform is that a lot of the work is done for you.

Granted, that doesn’t mean that is where the work stops. To truly progress as a seller, there’s plenty to learn and for Lazada, the platform believes in empowering its sellers with knowledge to fully utilise its services.

Lazada University provides ample courses and online resources for the seller community to engage in to upgrade their learning progress while they work on their businesses. Not only that, Lazada University trainers are sellers themselves who have learnt the ropes and want to share their knowledge with budding sellers.

These are some ways Lazada University can help you, no matter what stage of your selling journey you might be at.

Guiding Sellers into the Business

As a new seller, the perfect way to find your bearings is by joining the new seller onboarding program. Through the program, sellers will be given milestones, tips and techniques on how to get started on the platform, and receive access to training that will teach sellers how to effectively use the tools in Seller Centre, among others.

Topics include Marketplace Agreements, Growth Center as well as in-depth coverage on other Lazada Tools that have been designed to help gently guide and support the growth of new sellers into starting their new business.

Free Access to Online Courses

Learning is an ongoing process, and as the nature of e-commerce and business evolves, Lazada University knows that it is important to equip their community of sellers with up-to-date knowledge on market trends, consumer behaviour, and e-commerce best practices.

Online courses on topics such as what future homes and products will look like, how to improve one’s content on their products, setting proper pricing and promotions for crisis situations, and how women and ecommerce in Southeast Asia are driving the marketplace, are just some of the few gems sellers can find in Lazada University’s array of online courses.

All of this is free of course.

Joining a LiveStream to get Informed In Real-Time

If you’re the sort that prefers learning when the teacher is there with you, Lazada University also provides its community with LiveStream training sessions and Q&As that give sellers the opportunity to learn and interact with Lazada’s trainers and teams.

With features such as live chat, self-learning materials, and feedback sections, sellers have the chance to ask and have their specific queries answered by experts and trainers in real-time, which will greatly benefit those who need answers ASAP! Sellers also stand to gain a deeper understanding of Lazada’s policies on intellectual property rights, and how to conduct a livestream themselves.

Learning through a Masterclass

The beauty of e-commerce lies in the freedom sellers have to carve out their own path to success. Whether you want to sell handmade accessories created from sustainable coconut husks or the latest fashion apparel, the world is your oyster.

But to reach that pinnacle of greater sales and stronger branding, there’s plenty that needs to be learnt. This is where Lazada University’s wide range of Masterclasses can help sellers achieve their goals. Hosted by panel speakers and industry experts with extensive experience in their fields as wide as marketing and as niche as ESG, these courses were made exclusively with Lazada sellers in mind.

Many successful sellers who have gone on to become certified Lazada trainers (or Laz Stars as they’re known in the business) were once sellers who were just starting out with a simple dream to make their lives better. If your first step into the journey of e-commerce begins with Lazada, then Lazada University is definitely going to be a valuable resource.

To learn from Lazada University, simply sign up as a seller and begin your journey in e-commerce education. Visit your local Lazada University page here:

Lazada University Indonesia
Lazada University Malaysia
Lazada University Philippines
Lazada University Singapore
Lazada University Thailand
Lazada University Vietnam

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