Optimise Your Store Page and Make it Stand Out!

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E-commerce in South East Asia is currently moving at full speed, and a critical part of a successful e-commerce store page is in its design. Web design is critical when creating an e-commerce store page as you need to plan, conceptualise and arrange your products and content to be displayed as effectively as possible.

However, to make your page stand out in a sea of sellers requires more than just using the right colors, fonts, images, words and graphics to convince visitors to make a purchase. The best store pages are also not necessarily the flashiest.

Instead, an optimised store page is one that is smart and efficient, with a design that will attract potential customers, provide great user experience and present your shop in the best light. So how do you design a store page that not only looks good and represents your brand but also drives customers to buy your products?

Here are some way to optimise and make a successful store page that stands out:

Keep it simple

When it comes to an e-commerce store page, keeping your design clear, simple, navigable and distraction-free keeps the focus on what’s most important: your products and brand!

Prioritise branding

Your brand is who you are as a company and what sets you apart from your competitors. Focus on who and what you’re about and infuse that into your design if possible. It will help build a lasting connection with your customers, set you apart and ultimately drive sales.

Think like your customers

When you think like your customer, you are anticipating what they want from your store. By putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, you can better design your site in order to meet those needs.

Ask questions like:

  • Is it user friendly?
  • What kind of layout would be easy to navigate?
  • How should you organise your products?
  • What do you want to highlight?
  • Is your checkout hassle-free?

Use high quality images

As an online store, product images are perhaps one of the most important aspects. Without being able to feel, touch or explore a physical product, an image is all your customers are getting of what you are trying to sell. Getting professional images of your products (if you can) and using high-quality images can go a long way into attracting new customers, building trust and increasing sales.

Make categories easy to navigate

Simple is key here! You don’t want your customers to have to browse through five different categories to find what they’re looking for and lose interest in the process. Make your product categories easy to search and navigate so it’s easier for your customers to get to what they want and make a purchase.

Make it responsive

A fully responsive store page is one that is easily viewed on any device, and a responsive design includes aspects such as including text that’s easy to read on smaller mobile screens, fewer images to improve clarity and reducing background ‘noise’, or having enough space around links so thumbs can click easily on a mobile device. A responsive page can ensure that visitors using all sorts of devices have equally great on-site experience.

Product Reviews

Most online customers read reviews before buying products. Look for ways to show your customers the positive feedback you’ve received from existing customers through having a review page with a rating section or with customer reviews of your products.

Make checkout easy

As with the other tips above, make your checkout page simple, easy to navigate and straightforward. It isn’t uncommon for buyers to abandon carts if the payment process is not clear. Help them by having clearly labeled fields and be sure to include your store’s contact info in a highly visible place so your customers can reach you with any concerns.

Lazada’s Store Builder Tool can help!

Lazada is at the forefront of online shopping in the region, and Lazada’s Store Builder tool is designed to specifically help its sellers to create store pages that are distinctive and stand out. With Lazada’s Store Builder tool, sellers can decorate their online shop with the help of our tips above, and incorporate eye catching, customisable layouts, as well as organise and showcase preferred products.

After all, a well-decorated store works hand-in-hand with excellent product content to drive traffic and sales to your shop.

Selling online doesn’t have to be hard. Level and grow your business with Lazada’s new seller guides on Lazada University.

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