Why Reviews are the Cornerstone of eCommerce

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Reviews can reveal a lot about your eCommerce business. Whether it is customers sharing what they loved about your product or complaining about the lack of service, reviews are part and parcel of the eCommerce business and a way to manage your brand’s reputation. Reviews also function as word-to-mouth marketing, convey security and credibility, and draw in new customers.

They can also be more reliable than marketing lines used to describe your products due to the voluntary nature and can even drive sales – keywords commonly used by your customers could be fine-tuned and used in your SEO campaigns.

As sellers, put yourself in the shoes of buyers. A product’s size, colour, or shape can be determined more accurately via reviews. A product may appear smaller or darker in pictures than it actually is and reviews help address this issue. This makes them the key to decision-making for buyers online.

Even bad reviews are important to eCommerce sellers since they help sellers with problem solving. Responding effectively to bad reviews will retain your current customers. It is important to respond to both good and bad reviews to show the human side of your business.

Why are reviews important for your eCommerce business?

  • Products with more positive reviews gain more traffic, which translates to more sales.
  • More than 70% of positive ratings on Lazada will make your online products eligible for Flash Sales and major campaigns and become more visible to buyers.
  • Buyers are more confident/more inclined to shop at online stores with good reviews on both the product quality and delivery fronts.
  • 90% of visitors read online reviews before making a purchase and 88% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, according to Lazada University.

Amid stiff competition among eCommerce sellers, they should maintain good product ratings to enhance their business.

Did you know? Products with even negative reviews gain more traffic than products with no reviews at all.

How can an eCommerce business maintain good product ratings?

Since reviews are so crucial to the success of your business, Lazada has made it easier for you to flex your products with the Customer Gallery (see how to set it up here), where you get to share customer reviews in the form of pictures.

Generally, there are ways to maintain a positive store rating:

  • Proactively respond to customer queries about your product and their reviews in a polite manner. Do not force customers to give your product a good rating.
  • Promote best-selling products. They have a higher chance of being sold at a larger scale with better reviews than other products.
  • Address customer concerns quickly by recognizing mistakes on your part and rectifying them. Interact with customers to give them the confidence that any issues that arise about the product will be rectified quickly.

Lazada now recognises sellers with great reviews. The new LazPick programme rewards committed sellers who exhibit strong sales, provide excellent service and high quality products, and offer competitive prices.

In addition to a snazzy LazPick badge that improves your visibility to buyers, recommended sellers are also rewarded with a discounted Free Shipping Max Program fee, traffic boosting as well as additional Free Shipping vouchers for buyers.

What are you waiting for? Check if you are eligible for the LazPick Program today!

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