Lazada Seller Ambassador Award Programme FAQ’s

Lazada Seller Ambassador

Award Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the frequently asked questions on the Lazada Seller Ambassador Award Program!

Lazada’s Seller Ambassador Award Program is an annual award given out to only the top and best sellers in the community. This is a yearly renewable award program that recognizes the contributions made by sellers during the past 9 months to Lazada’s ecommerce platform. LazSA or City Leaders (naming in Indonesia) are frontrunners in the community, excellent seller ambassadors and willing to engage in discussion with the Lazada’s product team. This is a community of opinion leaders and seller advocates that represents the spirit of the seller community.

We want to recognize and reward the exceptional sellers who are active in their own community and role models on and off the site. On top of that, we want to build a self-sustaining and engaging community of Lazada’s exceptional sellers by inspiring them to learn and share insights from each other to improve their ecommerce business.

The Lazada Seller Ambassador Award Program has a stringent selection process. The nomination award cycle takes place bi-yearly — April & October. Potential candidates are reviewed and evaluated based on their contributions which consider 3 major criteria – business operation, operation drivers and sellers’ level of impact made to our Lazada ecommerce platform. A diverse team of internal stakeholders from different teams will review the nominations together to ensure that each candidate gets a fair representation from different perspective.

We want to ensure the best individuals are recognized for their outstanding contributions. Hence, only exceptional sellers are recruited to become a Lazada Seller Ambassador (LazSA). With the exception for Indonesia where they are called City Leaders due to a primary legacy, the naming convention across 5 countries is for better alignment with our brand and marketing consistency. This is to also help build awareness that allows our sellers to be easily and immediately recognize our brand and be associated with it.

This is a nomination-only process. To join the team of exceptional sellers, individuals must be nominated by Lazada employees, existing LazSA/City Leader or own-self nominate. Each nomination will then be reviewed based on the Lazada Seller Ambassador criterion.

The Lazada Seller Ambassador Award cycle will take place every bi-yearly — April & October. Local SE Community Team will review and deliberate the list of nominees they received. Selected LazSNCity Leader will be announced on each award cycle — namely April 1 and October 1. This goes the same for the renewal cycle process. Example: April 1,2020 awardees will be up for renewal on April 1, 2021. Oct 1, 2020 awardees will be up for renewal on Oct 1, 2021.

No. LazSA/City Leader are not employees of Lazada, nor are they required to speak on behalf of Lazada. They are independent individuals/sellers who have received the award from Lazada for their exceptional contributions made to our ecommerce platform. 

The key characteristics of an outstanding Lazada Seller Ambassador/City Leader indudes: 

  • Accessibility: Consistently participate in conversations within Lazada’s social media channels.
  • Advocacy: Be a strong proponent to the Lazada brand whenever necessary. 
  • Expertise: Maintains a strong understanding with up-to-date Lazada products and services. 
  • Generosity: Actively contributes to help others succeed in the Lazada’s ecommerce ecosystem.
  • Responsive: Always up to answer questions and shares knowledge/insights from each other to improve their ecommerce business.

Leadership: Represents the voice of the community and shares them with Lazada to help us improve.

As a Lazada Seller Ambassador/City Leader, you’ll special members-only perks and privileges which indude, but is not limited to: 

  • Get hold of the exclusive LazSA Award Kit.
  • Be inducted into the LazSA Hall of Fame.
  • Be the first to test out beta programs and products.
  • Get recognized for your achievements on Lazada’s channels.
  • Get exclusive invites to contribute to Lazada events and social content.
  • Attend exclusive LazSA networking events.
  • Get recognized with LazSA training and certification via Lazada University.
  • Get opportunities to participate in case study videos.
  • Show off your official LazSA logo.

Benefits of being a LazSA/City Leader

The LazSA/City Leader enrich the communities by: – 

  • Actively participate and contribute to the overall knowledge of the Lazada’s ecommerce community. 
  • Magnify the voice of all customers while spanning all audience, persona and seller type. 
  • Provide the freshest and most credible information to help improve and scale Lazada’s ecommerce platform.

Having LazSA/City Leader are important because we want to build a self-sustaining and engaging community of Lazada’s exceptional sellers by inspiring them to learn and share insights from each other to improve their ecommerce business. At the same time, we recognized that LazSA/City Leader: 

  • Voluntarily play a significant role in providing us with feedback. 
  • Improve sellers’ end to end experience and fill in the gaps. 
  • Provide precise and credible information to help improve Lazada’s ecommerce platform in SEA. 

Once a seller gets inducted into the Lazada Seller Ambassador Award Program, they will have a dedicated local Seller Community Team who will be their primary point of contact for their 12-month journey in the program. LazSA/City Leader will be kept updated on Lazada’s latest developments and products. They will also be invited to LazSA/City Leader exclusive events.

While there is no single way to become a Seller Ambassador/City Leader, we have some criterion and great characteristics that showcase our Seller Ambassadors/City Leaders and the passion, community spirit and leadership they have exhibited to earn the award. 

  • Has been a seller on Lazada’s ecommerce platform for at least 9 months.
  • Comply with Lazada’s seller policies and maintain a Zero NCP (non-compliance) points for 1 year.
  • Achieve at least 20% of Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV).
  • Achieve at least 85% response rate on IM Chat.
  • No more than 1% cancellation rate monthly.
  • Buyers retention rate (tbc).
  • Active participation in all key Lazada campaign and related events as well in online & offline communities.
  • Active contribution to the areas of writing, speaking, conferences, feedback and help.
  • Demonstrate the following desirable characteristics — Accessibility, Advocacy, Expertise, Generosity, Responsive and Leadership.

We do not list contact information for the Lazada Seller Ambassador/City Leader due to privacy and security reasons. If you wish to contact a particular LazSA/City Leader, please contact your dedicated local SE Community team. You can also email the Seller Ambassador Team at [email protected]


CountryCommunity LeadEmail
IndonesiaFebrian Marcovan[email protected]
MalaysiaPixie Fee[email protected]
SingaporeHao Yang Ho[email protected]
PhilippinesKatherine Sarena Lim[email protected]
ThailandMenasute, Worasuda[email protected]
VietnamJenny Y Truong Ngoc[email protected] 

A LazStar Trainer can carry the LazSA award title if and only if the individual is also contributing to at least 4 out of the 6 ‘activities (Writing, Speaking, Community, Help, Feedback, Referral). If a LazStar Trainer is only focused purely on just teaching, then he/she does not qualify to become a LazSA. 

For a LazSA to switch to become a LazStar Trainer, the individual has to demonstrate his exceptional teaching and speaking skills in order to qualify to become one. A LazSA can be hand-picked and invited by a Lazadian to become a LazStar.

Reconnect Program Frequently Asked Questions

The Lazada Seller Ambassador, or LazSA Reconnect is much more than an award – its a community. LazSA Reconnect is a program designed to provide our former Seller Ambassadors/City Leader with the opportunity to remain connected, recognized and engaged following the end of their award period.

All former Seller Ambassadors/City Leaders that ended their award tenure in “good standing” and with a minimum award period of 1 year are eligible to join LazSA Reconnect.

This essentially means that a Seller Ambassador/City Leader must not have been retired due to a Code of Conduct issue or any seller’s violation.

Once a LazSA, always part of the LazSA community! We want to stay connected to our former Seller Ambassadors/City Leaders and enable them to stay connected to this exclusive community. Through LazSA Reconnect they will have the ability to continue access to networking opportunities and received updates on Lazada’s mega campaigns.

An email will be sent at the end of each award cycle to Seller Ambassadors/City Leaders who are not re-awarded. For retired LazSA/City Leader, you can join the program by following the 3 steps here 

Step 1: Download DingTalk app 

Step 2: Register as a user. (Note: If you are already an existing DingTalk user, ‘Ding’ your DingTalk account to Lilian Quek) 

Step 3: We will add you to the ‘Reconnect Program’ DingTalk chat group

If you are an existing LazSA/City Leader, you are not eligible to join this program. However, we will provide channels for you to stay connected and engaged with this new community!

For now, DingTalk will be the official channel that is available for LazSA/City Leader to engage with the members in LazSA Reconnect. We will continue to evaluate and announce new channels, if deem feasible that will be available for this type of networking.

If a former Seller Ambassador/City Leader rejoins the LazSA Award program, they would not be able to continue as part of the LazSA Reconnect program due to their active status; they will, however, have mechanisms to stay connected to this community.

No, this privilege is reserved only for active LazSA/City Leader. However, the local SE Community Team is always looking for candidates for the LazSA Award and your participation in LazSA Reconnect will keep you on their radar.

There is no set time limit for someone to be part of this program. LazSA Reconnect members may only be removed from the program due to a code of conduct violation, or if they choose to leave the program.