5 Sure-Win Ways to Attract eCommerce Customers

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Running an eCommerce business can be daunting especially if you are a new seller looking to win the hearts of potential customers. You need a keen eye for consumer trends and juggle an array of tasks such as photography, video editing, marketing, customer service, quality control, inventory, delivery, and more.

With all that settled, the next step is always about attracting customers. Building an attractive eCommerce store that is vibrant, elegant, and concise yet informative can be challenging but the hustle rewards itself! Here are some simple ways you can get started out with pulling customers to your store.

1. Be Mobile-Friendly

Remember the times where you eagerly tapped into a website on your mobile phone, only to find tiny fonts or pictures that are simply a pain to read? Avoid this by uploading mobile-friendly photos and text. All your pictures should have a square size (ideally 3:4) that fits into a phone screen. If you sell in the Fashion category, your product gallery should include a size chart that can be read clearly on a mobile device.

If you join an established eCommerce platform such as Lazada, however – you need not worry about the graphic design aspect. The App has special settings to make every online store appealing, mobile-friendly, and easy to browse.

Nipperisdabest of Lazada Thailand helps customers make informed choices and consider what fits their body best with full-length pictures of their jeans donned by models of various sizes

2. Look professional with high quality videos and pictures

Akin to a real-life store, you want your online store’s interior design to be competitive. Aim to look elegant and premium by capturing high quality videos and pictures.

  • Videos: Upload videos that feature you or a culture-appropriate model styling or using your product. This adds a human touch like a real life shop assistant helping a customer out by demonstrating the usage of things. E.g. a bag, perfume, or toy.
  • Pictures: Upload at least 5 product pictures with a few angles. Highlight the quality, material, texture, size, and function. Photograph models wearing or using your products if you sell fashion, makeup, and daily items such as car accessories. On the other hand, taking close ups of contents are essential for usage-focused items such as books or skincare.
Oxwhite designs their product listings to give off an elegant and comfort-focused vibe while drawing attention to details

3. Create helpful product listings, details, and descriptions

The last thing you want to do is to confound your store visitor. Upload crystal clear yet informative product listings. Do this by creating detailed descriptions with trending keywords. This piques the interest of your target audience, keeping them engaged and eager to browse further.

The perfect product listing is pretty simple to create:

  • Run a keyword research in Google Trends or put on your detective hat to figure out the trending terms used by your competitors in eCommerce Apps. Apply your well-researched terms to describe your products.
  • Next, strategize your descriptions in line with eCommerce SEO to improve your visibility among users who run searches. You can state a specific location, design, or ingredient as the first word of your product title.

4. Instant and clear answers to FAQs

People want answers, and they want them quick. Set up an accessible FAQ section that is visible in all your product pages. The goal is to save the time of modern shoppers and avoid store visitors from exiting your store out of frustration.

Above all, prioritize quick chat responses and know your products well. A great customer experience can lead to repeat business and positive reviews. What’s great about Lazada is that it has an inbuilt AI-powered chatbot to respond while you’re asleep.You even get to customize the message.

Biz Tip: set up chatbot message settings to greet enquiring customers, give satisfactory answers to FAQs, and state your business’ active hours.

5. Helpful Reviews

Reviews are the cornerstone of eCommerce. Create a sense of trust and loyalty among both repeat and new customers by shining a spotlight on reviews. A creative way to do so is by taking a screenshot of your products’ top reviews and featuring them under relevant product pages.

Biz Tip: Encourage customers to leave reviews and share their experience through perks. Some fun and fuss-free perks can include inexpensive free gifts added into parcels or sending your customer a 5 dollar voucher code for his or her next purchase.

6. BONUS! The Principle of Scarcity

Invoke a sense of urgency and a “buy now not later” vibe by

  • Joining Flash Sales marketing campaigns hosted by an eCommerce platform.
  • Notifying your customers when the items in their cart are running low in stock.
  • “Only 3 left” or “only 10 left” – add this kind of SKU notice under all products.

These three brilliant features that leverage the human response to scarcity are automatically yours to own and maximize once you learn the ropes to become a Lazada seller.

In essence, it really is not complicated to attract new customers to your online store, retain their interest, and drive them to the point of purchase. All you need is a right mindset and the determination to push towards ultimate success.

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