7 Reasons Why You Should Sell Derma Beauty on eCommerce

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Beauty. What does one think of when seeing this word? Thanks to the power of influencers and a stay home lifestyle, effective skincare for clear and youthful skin comes to mind – rather than just makeup.

Dermatological beauty has seen an explosive growth since 2020 according to Evelyn Chua, Vice President of Synagie Malaysia and Singapore. In the pursuit of health during the pandemic, consumers have matured to desire self-care where having healthy skin that glows outshines makeup that covers flaws.

Here are 7 reasons to take advantage of the clear skin trend and begin selling derma beauty:

The beauty industry’s expert panelists clockwise: Dr. Felix Li who is the founder of a Medical Aesthetics Clinic, Evelyn Chua who is the VP of Synagie Malaysia and Singapore, and Rameet Kaur who is the Luxe Division General Manager of L'Oréal Group.

1. Derma Skincare is Trending

Derma beauty is a hybrid of dermatological ointments such as medicated pimple cream and skincare such as moisturizers. These days, most adults know the words ‘cleanse, tone, moisturize, sunblock, Vitamin C serum, and retinol’ thanks to peers and YouTube. In fact, ‘retinol’ with 1.2 billion TikTok views and ‘gua sha’ that is a home-use device to reduce puffiness ranks among the top 5 beauty trends of 2022.

Indeed, Rameet Kaur of L’Oréal Group identifies home-use devices as uptrending. She explains that derma beauty is highly popular as dermatological skincare solutions previously only available at the doctor’s office are now open to the masses.

2. Transparent Ingredients

Efficacy, safety,and transparency of derma skincare ingredients at par with what professionals claim are expected. Today, people are getting educated on skincare benefits and risks with DIY Skincare being a top beauty trend. Online research on ingredients, be it on Google or eCommerce platforms are common. Dr. Felix, a medical aesthetician, explains that people want to know the exact ingredients in beauty products to attain specific skin goals.

Seller Tip: What’s great about Lazada is that sellers get to disclose and explain ingredients to customers in neat description boxes, eye-catching FAQs, and live chats with individual customers. One store that does this is Natta Cosme with over 23,000 followers. Evelyn Chua highlights that buyers feel safe by knowing what ingredients go into their products.

3. Targeted Skin Solutions

In harmony with transparency, shoppers want ingredients that solve individual skin woes.
Rameet Kaur breaks down the benefits expected from skincare into 4 categories:

  • The age-old quest for youth where women desire to look radiant and young. Anti-aging products are essential to slow down the aging process and improve the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Sun Protection is the greatest prevention of dark spots, pigmentation, and wrinkles. Vitamin C serum can be added to reduce free radical damage from the sun. Brightening solutions go hand in hand with sunblock.
  • Blemish care. Dr. Felix provides a timely word of caution that it is still best to consult a doctor for certain skin conditions such as bad acne, rosacea, and eczema.

4. Personalized Beauty

Gone are the days where we watch a skincare product advertisement on television with over-the-top marketing and “confidently” head to a drugstore to purchase it. Evelyn Chua says that derma beauty stands out thanks to its mark of authenticity. You want to avoid fluffy marketing words such as ‘instant’ or ‘No.1 choice.’

To create trust and earn the modern consumer’s confidence, your brand can offer personalized expert consultations. Some great ways to catch the market of readily trusted derma beauty products is by selling formulations recommended by dermatologists or reselling global beauty brands as an affiliate such as what Wishtrend offers.

5. Technology Empowers eCommerce Beauty

Technology is quintessential to recreate the real-life dermatologist consultation session on eCommerce. Evelyn Chua states that Synagie has created many livestream shows for partner brands with the added value of doctors demonstrating the right way to use products.

While Rameet Kaur shares that Kiehl’s under the L’Oréal Group offers video consultations with experts in addition to an instant skin reader. Potential customers can simply upload a selfie to receive a personalized skin analysis that identifies skin concerns.

Celebrities with a huge fan base and high influence such as Jackson Wang are spreading awareness of how important it is to adopt a good skincare routine.

6. Education Creates Long-Term Demand

There is a rising awareness on skincare thanks to YouTube content creators, celebrities who share their skincare routines, and brand ambassador influencers. People now know that a magic drop is a myth and that healthy skin can only be reached with a daily skincare routine, says Dr. Felix.

7. Space for New Brands

Last but not least, do not be intimidated by big brands in the beauty industry. There truly is space for everyone. Modern consumers search for skincare by concerns or ingredients and not by brand, says Evelyn Chua. In our current economic climate, health-conscious yet thrifty consumers are open to homegrown skincare formulas. Be inspired by brands such as Cỏ Mềm (Vietnam) and Sensatia Botanicals (Indonesia).

Seller Tip: Explore more here to pocket some tips and tricks on how new eCommerce brands can earn the loyalty of target customers.


Excited about the potential earnings that the explosive beauty market can bring to you? Head over to our howwesell.asia’s Lazada Insider page for useful expert insights.

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