#throwback: A Summary of eCommerce Sales Festivals in 2022

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What a memorable year 2022 has been for eCommerce. Even with streets and cities coming alive, consumers have continued loving the convenience and personalized experience of online shopping. According to a press release, Lazada’s eCommerce platform that serves over 150 million active monthly users across the SEA region achieved a milestone of 1 million active sellers.

Read on to grab some tips on what people added to their carts in 2022 and draw inspiration for what you may plan to sell in 2023. Here is a snapshot of the sales festivals that we lived and breathed this year:

9.9 Sales Campaign

The economy reopened on a thrilling note with eCommerce being ever relevant! International travel essentials such as fleece-lined jackets and mini toiletry sets flew off the racks as multiple laissez-faire countries welcomed tourists. Hybrid work along with a love for lounging at home and going out meant that brands needed to innovate and evolve. Consumers began to adore minimalist wardrobes containing eco-friendly materials.

Additionally, tech growth in beauty has become essential with AR and VR virtual try-ons boosting conversion. In tune with cruelty-free clothing arrived a love for homegrown clean beauty brands. Men’s skincare has gained a growing fan base while staples such as vitamin c serum and gua sha have remained staples thanks to social media.

Seller Tip: An ideal OOTD selection should have presentable loungewear, stretchable smart pants or shorts with an athleisure feel, and sustainable fashion.

10.10 Sales Campaign

Ten – a number of perfection, success, and achievement. A continuity of the 9.9 consumer liking for minimalist fashion and eco-conscious beauty emerged. The launch of LazBeauty club in Malaysia and Indonesia injected an element of fresh enthusiasm and curiosity for the 10.10 fever. With exclusive member perks and discounts, LazBeauty is also available in Phillippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

Basics such as the sleek white tank top popularized by Beyoncé and baggy jeans from the 2000s made a comeback with their effortless comfort in style. Perhaps inspired by cargo pants styled by it-girls such as Gigi and Bella Hadid. Let’s not forget that the last quarter of the year now means weddings and parties again! Bright red lips, metallic eyeshadow, nail sticker art, elegant Mary Jane shoes, and sequin dresses became the season’s highlights.

11.11 Sales Festival

Singles Day is the Biggest One-Day Sale of the Year in Southeast Asia’s retail industry calendar. Lazada proudly hosted its 10th edition of 11.11 with Shoppertainment such as LazLive livestreams, Free Shipping, and stackable discounts. The eCommerce platform’s 2021 11.11 festival earned a record participation of 800,000 sellers and brands along with 10X more sales than usual.

As a nod to the 9.9 trend of travel essentials – 11.11 saw travel accessories within the electronics category such as power banks, car chargers, power adapters, phone straps, and phone holders surging in demand. Shapewear to look good at parties or outings and leggings to keep warm while traveling also became staples.

A heightened awareness in taking care of one’s health during the pandemic has translated into a demand for health supplements such as multivitamins, probiotics, zinc, and manuka honey.
People today are also aware of the dangers that plastics can bring to our human body and the environment. Keeping beverages warm in BPA-free, insulated metal bottles are pretty popular.

12.12 Sales Festival

Lazada partnered with KANTAR to bring sellers the facts and figures of what eCommerce shoppers are looking for in their year-end haul. A distinctive buyer attitude to note is that up to 78% of consumers are highly likely to try new brands. Up to 70% prioritize good quality over familiarity. This encourages new sellers to join the ranks of established brands.

Here are some other buyer needs surveyed:

  • The trending categories of fashion, beauty, health supplements, electronics in every 2022 sales campaign are proven to be popular.
  • Virtual word of mouth is a staple with reviews, active sellers with social media pages, influencer marketing, and quick links to recommended items uplifting Add to Cart rates.
  • Trust is key where buyers prefer sellers who respond quickly in chat. This is no longer an issue off active hours thanks to easily customized chatbots.


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